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With a deafening crash, the board meeting of a minor corporation is interrupted..."Gentlemen, these proceedings are over"


Maximum Metal, subtitled High Powered Ordinance for Cyberpunk 2020, is a sourcebook for the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2020.

The books is meant as a quick reference guide for players and referees to include new high powered ordinance in their games. Military Vehicles such as tanks, APCs and AVs from corporations like Militech and Arasaka are included.

Powered Armor, called Assisted Combat Personnel Armor (ACPA) for short, was a new feature in Cyberpunk 2020, offering players the choice of using a new combat armor that allows for greatly increased carrying capacity, use of heavy weapons, and the ability withstand a great deal of damage.

The book offers a catalogue for all the ACPA armaments available from auto-doc systems to portable canons. Also detailed are the variants of the ACPA suits from the different corporations such as the Militech Commando, Arasaka Standard B, and the Orbital Air⁄Raven Microcyb Spider.[1]



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