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Max Johnson (Icepick) is the security specialist at the Forlorn Hope, and director of the six-person security team. He fills the triple duty of electronic security, defense coordination, and plain, old-fashioned bouncing. Icepick was a Navy SEAL. He served as an exchange officer in LRT-601, assisting in maritime operations, heavy weapons and demolitions. When Icepick first joined the unit there was lots of griping from both sides about mudsuckers and Navy pukes. Gradually, mutual respect grudgingly formed, and later, true friendship. Icepick lives in a room on the third floor of the building.


INT 6, REF 10, TECH 6, COOL 8, 8, LUCK 3, MA 9, BODY 7, EMP 6/3, SAVE 7, BTM -2.[1]


Combat Sense 6, Awareness/Notice 7, Handgun 7, Tae Kwon Do 5, Melee 5, Weaponsmlth 5, Rifle 6, Athletics 4, Submachinegun 4, Stealth 5, Intimidate 6, Expert: Special Operations 5, Swimming 4, Heavy Weapons 6, Electronic Security 6, Demolitions 7, Wilderness Survival 5, Streetwise 3, Driving 3.[1]


Basic Processor, Pain Editor, Smartgun Link, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Adrenal Booster, Basic Cyberoptic, Targeting Scope, Times Square Marquee, Skin Weave.[1]


SP 18 armor jacket, mono-knife, Armalite .44 heavy pistol, Arasaka WMA (Minami) smart-chipped submachine gun.[1]


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