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Matilda K. Rose, also known as Sasquatch, is a leader of the Animals gang in Cyberpunk 2077.


Early Life[]

Matilda has been the alpha animal since 2075.[1] Her expertise includes heavy melee combat and her weapon of choice was an oversized unique sledgehammer by the name of Sasquatch's Hammer, created specifically for her.


In 2077, Matilda was known well enough throughout Night City to attract contractors as big as NetWatch. Under their employment, her group of elite fighters settled in the Grand Imperial Mall in the Pacifica district as private security for agent Bryce Mosley. Due to the operation's direct conflict with the Voodoo Boys, Matilda's pack's duty was to protect the agent as he executes it.

The job turned out to be more than the pack could handle once the opponent sent V, an up-and-coming Night City mercenary to infiltrate the GIM. Only after all of her associates had been overwhelmed, Matilda faced V in an opening akin to a small arena. She was assisted in battle by her client who periodically hacked V in order to hinder their efforts. Despite strength and calculated approach, Matilda was eventually defeated.

If V spared/killed Matilda and Mosley died in I Walk the Line:

The remaining Animals will incite hostility and fight V on their exit from the GIM.[2]

If V spared Matilda and made a deal with Mosley in I Walk the Line:

The pack guarding the GIM will allow V a safe passage out of the building and will remain less hostile.[2]

If V killed Matilda and made a deal with Mosley in I Walk the Line:

A deal with Mosley would count as a job well done for the hirelings even if their leader had been killed. However, they hold a grudge and will be reluctant to allow V to leave while being hostile on further meetings.[2]


Icon EnemyAbility BerserkBerserk
The name speaks for itself – when this ability is used, the enemy literally enters a state of rage through an increase in hormones and overclocked combat implants. An enemy with Berserk active takes less damage, becomes more aggressive, and is less prone to losing their balance.
Icon EnemyAbility FragGrenadesFrag Grenades
The enemy is equipped with a classic shrapnel grenade. Don't underestimate them – if you find yourself within their blast radius, the shrapnel can tear you to shreds.
Juice Tank [Hidden]
A special tank filled with a special concoction that rapidly regulate its user's hormonal and neural activity, increasing their resistance and ensuring greater strength and effectiveness during a fight. Unfortunately, due to the tank's size and function, it's also vulnerable to external damage.
Icon EnemyAbility KerenzikovKerenzikov
A classic and widely-used reflex booster that allows enemies to dodge incoming projectiles. When an enemy uses Kerenzikov, it's better to switch to melee combat, using a shotgun or blade. Let's see how they handle THAT.
Icon EnemyAbility SandevistanMk1Sandevistan Mk.1
Sandevistan Mk.1 is an effective and reliable reflex booster. This implant allows the enemy to move with lightning speed to avoid your bullets and close in on you in mere seconds to engage in melee combat. When someone uses this Sandevistan model, it's best to try to finish the fight as fast as you can.

Associated Quests[]


  • Matilda has a €$15,000 bounty on her.



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