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Afraid I don't get paid to talk. Opposite, actually.

— Mateo, Cyberpunk 2077

Mateo Thiago is a mox working as a bartender at Lizzie's Bar within Night City's sub-district of Kabuki.


Whether a resident or tourist, one may easily perceive that tending a bar in Night City, in the most densely-populated of its districts, is not quite for the faint-hearted. To withstand such adversity, an abundance of character, nerves of steel and a broad understanding of the night life psychology is mandatory. Sprinkle that with a shimmering layer of charisma and you have Mateo Thiago. For all intended purpose, at least the side he'd allow to show. Maintaining customer relations on a rather warm and personal, yet fairly professional level, he can be trusted by both patrons and fellow Moxes not to prattle, gossip or grace the unwanted ears with valuably unintended information. Antithetical to the common inhabitant of the city he works in, Mateo will not succumb to financial gain. Information cannot be bought from him, regardless of the amount offered. He does however appreciate the gesture of a big tip, although holds moral principle beyond capital and would rather sell you a drink for it.

Throughout the the afternoon, up until the clock hits 6 in the morning, Mateo will service all customers in need, proficiently deescalating any heated situations and advertently reminding those being the cause of where they actually are. No matter the client, there's surely something this establishment can offer in aid of composure and unwinding. Once settled down, a drink is always on the menu. He remains on first-name basis with the patrons, making sure he is well-informed of any social or business ventures taking place on the premises, although he will not indulge in details.

Should he get the opportunity to mention the old days, before the Tyger Claws, back when Lizzie's bar was owned by Lizzie, his couthy voice receives a thoughtful, blue undertone. Whether due to nostalgia or longing to connect with the past, he will not tell, but it is obvious that he regrets the violence which had transpired. Without ever saying a bad word about the current state of affairs, he carefully chooses words highlighting things that were indeed better then, for the girls at least. Being run like a proper commerce, Lizzie's bar manages to stay afloat, but the foreboding shadow of the Claws lingers, always keeping the Moxes on their toes.

While off the clock, this prominently fashionable bartender does not appreciate the infrequent visitor nosing around, dismissing any invalid or potentially harmful assumptions. Avoiding the broadcast of personal information, he does mention that gender is not relevant when joining the Mox. At least in terms of staffing the bar. All one needs is knowing how to make drinks or have additional talents. Which of the two landed him a job, is a particular he does not produce.

Associated Quests[]


  • Mateo remains available as a bar vendor throughout the entire game during the working hours of Lizzie's Bar, without dialogue changes as of 1.21.
  • Scanning the QR code on the bills he carries attached to his shirt shows a single line: "The Moxes will take care of your money"


  • Mateo's character concept has been developed by Bartosz Gregorek while his model has been created by Grzegorz Chojnacki.