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Mark Laurence is one of the Enclave Leaders that appears in Cyberpunk V3.0.


Saturnine Chairman of the Manhattan enclave and veteran of the Cyberpunk movement, Mark Laurence was born around the turn of the new century in Queens. As a teenager, his natural bulk and quiet fierceness led him to bare-knuckle bouts in dirty warehouses and enforcing for local minor-league gangsters until he was finally arrested for a serious assault in a bar. (Ironically, it was one of the few fights he didn't start.) But the judge wasn't interested in excuses—Mark was given two choices: the county jail or the US Army. He chose the Army, discovering much to his own surprise that soldiering came naturally to him. Ten years later, he was back on the streets of New York just in time for the dawn of the cybersoldier era, this time with a whole new skill set to sell to his previous employers. After a few low-key criminal engagements, Mark realized that the big money was in corporate work, so he got himself a razor sharp Bronx fixer named Lou Moriarty to be his agent and set about making a name in the cyberpunk underworld. In the end, Mark got out of the corporate espionage game before it turned into a major war, securing positions for both himself and Lou on Monica Cheung's personal staff. Working for Monica, Mark found himself with increasing responsibility for the shadier aspects of her business; people trusted him, and he repaid that trust. And when it was time to find the New York Edgers a new home, it was Mark who led them to Cleo's Needle.

Mark's dark good looks, unreadable demeanor and absolute confidence, coupled with his bulk and reputation for soldiering earned him an enviable reputation amongst 'Punkers during the 4th C War; a rep he scrupulously maintains to this day. His wardrobe of tailored high-fashion outfits (with a functional military edge) and his immaculate grooming are a key to his rep, since in the Manhattan enclaves appearance is a mark of authority. Mark is also deeply secretive, sharing his aspirations for the Edger nation with only his most trusted confidante


Rifle 7, Combat Sense 5, Handgun 5, High Pain Threshold


Old School Cybersoldier and Monica Cheung's partner, he rose from a tough kid background to run the New York Edge.


Make the Edgers the most powerful AltCult. Keep an eye on Monica and her ambitious protégé Anabella Saftin.