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Marianne Russell Freeman is the co-owner and bartender of the Forlorn Hope.


Marianne transitioned from male to female at some point. She would later meet and eventually marry John Freeman. By 2020, 38-year old Marianne and her husband were the owners of the Forlorn Hope, where she worked as its bartender.[1]

By 2045, Marianne has served as the chief bartender of the Forlorn Hope for decades and often jokes that the bar would shutdown over her dead body. Well known for her wicked sense of humor, Marianne has formed a deep bond with many edgerunners, even calling them "her kids." She is especially motherly towards her transgender patrons.[2]


INT 7, REF 6, TECH 9, COOL 9, ATTR 6, LUCK 5, MA 5, BODY 7, EMP 8, SAVE 7, BTM -2.[1]


Jury Rig 5, Awareness/Notice 6, Basic Tech 7, Cybertech 6, Education and General Knowledge Electronics 4, Weaponsmith 5, Expert: Construction 6, Streetwise 5, Persuasion and Fast Talk 4, Expert: Mixology 6, Accounting 5, Management 7, Brawling 6, Melee 3, Handgun 4.[1]




  • Although there is no mention in Cyberpunk 2077, game files indicate that the Forlorn Hope bar was going to appear in the game, and the Afterlife bartender Claire Russell was involved. The id of the quests show that Claire was initially named Marianne.[3] All this suggests she was originally going to be Marianne Russell. Moreover, Claire looks very similar to how Marianne was depicted in the 2020s.


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