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Maria grew up engrossed in Martial Arts from a very young age, and mastered in such skills as Tae Kwon Doe and Aikido. She was originally born in New Philippines, however moved to Osaka, Japan from Manila to continue her studies. Then she saw something on the street; something that changed her for good. It was the new Harley-Davidson Thundergod. She ended up spending the last of her money and rode one out of the showroom. She then started neglecting her training to check-out, ride, and maintain her Harley; witch she considered her new best friend.

27 year old Maria has a hot and ruthless temper. She also hates bullies. It is a famous story that she challenged a vicious Bosozuku leader, and knocked him out in less then 2 seconds. She got quite the reputation and was known as "Stormy Terror" ever since.

She's very frightening when she starts a fight. With her battleglove-PLUSed hands and spiked knees, Stormy delivers a barrage of blows and kicks to her target. This is her storm of bows. Her fighting style is rarely seen in the public eye. Rumor has it that she used it to wipe out a Booster gang that had ridden over a puppy and killed it.


Combat Sense +8, Streetwise +4, Human Perception +5, Awareness/Notice +6, Athletics +6, Martial Arts: Choi Li Fut +4, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do +8, Martial Arts: Aikido +6, Motorcycle +4, Basic Tech +3.



  • ( She's been quoted in saying "Never will I ever install such disgusting things to my body!")


3/6, SPM-2 Battleglove-PLUS (Thickened Myomar, Spike Hand, Nylon Helmet, Heavy Leather Jacket (SP4), Harley-Davidson Thundergod@.