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Margaret Ellen Goldstein was another one of the investors in the original Armatech buyout. She has been active in the directorship of the Militech corporation ever since. A wealthy heiress, she has increased her already sizable fortune through the success of Washing-ton-based public relations and lobbying firm Goldstein, Harper, Shotwell and Associates. Goldstein knows General Lundee from his days in the military, when they traveled in the same Washington social circles. Lundee and Goldstein even had a brief relationship, shortly before Lundee resigned from the Marine Corps. Gold-stein has remained a firm supporter of Lundee ever since Militech was formed, and continues to back him on the Board of directors. With one of the largest voting shares on the board, her power has proved invaluable to Lundee on several occasions. Goldstein and Anderson Bennett have a long history of disagreement and there is no love lost between the two. It is quite likely that they would be the major contenders for the chairmanship position if something were to happen to Roland Yee.

Margaret Ellen Goldstein is now sixty-three years old.She has had extensive (and incredibly expensive) cosmetic reconstruction and body-sculpting, and still looks like she is in her late thirties or early forties. Her boyfriend is an East Coast socialite twenty years her junior. The P.R.firm, which continues under the directorship of Gold-stein's son Mark, remains successful, but is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Militech. They handle all spokes manship duties for the corporation.[1]


INT 9, REF 5, TECH 4, COOL 10, ATTR 8, LUCK 6, MA 5, BODY 6, EMP 8/5, SAVE 6, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 8, Personal Grooming 6, Wardrobe and Style 8, Social 6,Persuasion and Fast Talk 3, Education and Gen Know. 7, Lobbyist 9, Expert Public Relations 10, Expert Executive 5, Stock Market 2, Pistol 6.[1]


Light tattoo, synthskins, techhair,basic processor, dataterm link, chip-ware socket, two basic cyberoptic modules, color shift, Times Square Marquee, Microvideo optic, targeting scope, skin weave.[1]


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