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Malorian Firearms Headquarters is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


"Distinctive firearms for distinctive people" is the motto found above the entrance of this establishment. Owned and operated by Eran Malour, a well-known gunsmith in Night City, Malorian's custom weapons are known for their accuracy and durability in tight situations. Customers include well-known solos like Morgan Blackhand, high level bodyguards, and celebrities like Johnny Silverhand (for whom Malour designed the now world-famous Malorian Arms 3516).

The shop has a 1000 square foot showroom, a data center, and an indoor pistol range. The extensive basement of this building houses a fully-automated robotic machine and tooling facility. If a client requires a specific custom weapon or the Malorian version of any factory handgun, submachinegun, shotgun, or rifle, the weapon specifications are taken from a data file with over eighteen hundred firearm designs in its catalog. The robotic factory can machine most desired weapons from scratch in as little as two hours. Some best selling items are the Malorian version of the M12 Beretta SMG in 10mm, or the "Vindicator", a three-round capacity, 30mm grenade launcher that is a favorite of many Night City solos. Custom weapons made of high quality steel, alloy or polymers can also be ordered based on customer preferences.

While the customer is waiting for his order, a complete weapons record check is made via Malorian's direct link to NCPD and INTERPOL databases. Known felons, clients suspected to be prone to cyberpsychosis, or clients with a history of mental problems automatically have their orders politely and firmly refused. If the legal status of the person is in question, the police are contacted immediately via computer net without the customer's knowledge. The customer can then be stalled until police arrive.

Security Level: 3[1]

Malorian Firearms Headquarters is situated in Night City's Studio City sector of downtown.


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