I wanted something that would drop a cyberpsycho'ed fan at 100 paces, no matter how metalled up he was. Price was no object.
- Johnny Silverhand, Blackhand's Street Weapons 2020

The Malorian Arms 3516 was the most powerful personal handgun on the market in the year 2020 manufactured by Malorian Arms, Eran Malour developed this radical new design to the personal specifications of famous rockerboy Johnny Silverhand.[1][2] In 2077, it is an iconic weapon V is able to obtain. Notably, it acts as both a standard Power weapon, able to ricochet when hipfire, as well as a Tech weapon, piercing walls while aiming down sights.

Database Entry

The only one of its kind, made specially for rockerboy Johnny Silverhand. Semiautomatic, equipped with a prototype smart link and compatible with various ammunition types, it sports three firing modes - ricochet, wall penetration and incendiary rounds. Plus, the collector's value is through the roof.[3]



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