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As the first-ever male head of the Blood Nation, Malcolm Kent-Smith has a great many eyes watching him. Like his predecessor, Tina Blood-Johnson, he follows Santeria, and it often makes others uncomfortable. In 2016, he was elected to the elders at the unheard-of age of only thirty-two. It has been widely speculated that the elders of the Blood Nation want a leader with a good balance of youth and wisdom to help them privatize and transition to a nomad-owned corporate system similar to that of MetaCorp.

In a way, the Bloods have always been a business first and a nomad clan second. When they took over Miami, they did it for the business. Miami was, at one time, the center of America's drug business. Many of the penthouses and condos in Miami that the older generation retired to before the Collapse were built with drug money. Unfortunately, when the drugs went away, so did Miami.

The Bloods and the Carnys were thrown together in a marriage of necessity. Their goals were the same: survive and make money. They stayed together, and it worked. Malcolm was only twelve when the Bloods took over the Disney complex, though he was a lot older and more experienced by the time they left. Malcolm was a model Blood, if that term can even be used. He was raised on the streets, his mother a run-down drug addict and his father any one of countless gangers. The Bloods took him in because he was smart, stealing food and selling it for more food and favors before he was ten. The rest is history.

Malcolm listened, learned, and worked the angles. He ran his own set before he was seventeen years old. He controlled of most of the synthetic drug trade in the Bloods organization almost as it started. At age twenty-two, he was one of ten people who controlled the majority of the Bloods' organization. He was in a minority, however: he was a man. Men have not been in positions of power in the Bloods since the collapse of the drug trade in the early nineteen-nineties, and since that time, the women have had little patience for "the hare-brained schemes of men." As far as women like Tina Blood-Johnson were concerned, men were not to be trusted.

Malcolm was not a foolish man, and he wisely chose not to challenge the matriarchal powers directly. He was an ambitious man, so instead he chose to beat those in power at their own game. Malcolm ran some of the most lucrative carnivals the Bloods had ever seen. He was always there with the answers, the money, and the connections. He worked day and night and never slept. He wanted to be the best, and he was. When the time came for Tina Blood-Johnson to retire, there was simply no one else to fill her shoes. Malcolm lobbied hard, and eventually he won enough support to gain power. He had to make some hard promises to get here, and he will have to keep them to stay.

Malcolm affects the dreads of his Rastafarian brothers. His hair is long, but he keeps it neat. He wears loose trousers and open sleeveless shirts to show off his ritual scars. When he can find the time, he reads a great deal, especially classics like Thucydides and Sun Tzu. He carries a Book of Changes with him at all times.[1]


INT: 10, LUCK: 10, EMP: 10, REF: 7, MA: 8, SA: FAMILY +9, TECH: 7, ATTR: 6, COOL: 10, BODY: 6, REP: 10.[1]


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