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Daughter of once-famous movie mogul Franscesco Cippolina, this strong willed, raven-haired beauty is determined to restore her father's old studio to its former glory. To do this, she has entered into a partnership with a small eurocorp that has had moderate success in the art-film and braindance arena. The tiny corporation is heavily leveraged and desperately needs a successful project in the next few months.

Magretta is an obvious film buff, and can often be found haunting the small art theatres around the University and Charter Hill Districts. She is generally reserved, but can become quite vivacious and animated when she meets a fellow filmophile.[1]


INT 9, TECH 8, REF 5, COOL 6, ATTR 10, LUCK 7, MA 8, BODY 6, EMP 8.[1]


Resources 2, Notice 4, Spec. Knowledge (Film History) 8, Handgun 6, Drive 6, Persuasion 4, Wardrobe and Style 9, Seduction 9.[1]


Cyberoptics with colorshift, microvideo, interface plugs, simple language chip (English: Magretta is Italian and doesn't really know English).[1]


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