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Maelstrom is one of the many gangs in Night City featured in both Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Details Edit

A combat gang formed from what was left of the Metal Warriors, a gang that was almost completely wiped out by the Inquisitors. It has also acquired members from the Red Chrome Legion and Ironsights, who also have grudges against the Inquisitors. While the Inquisitors are a special target for their violence, Maelstrom will also (of course) attack anyone else as well.  

Maelstrom members dress in leather and chrome, prefer visible high profile cyberware and in general appear primitive and dangerous. Fully a third of them are clinical Cyberpsychos, and another third of them are borderline. Back when they were the Metal Warriors they held on to a code of honor. But when Hammer (their leader) was thrown out, the code of honor went as well. Now they will attack anyone. If you are being chased by the Inquisitors, they will probably ignore you and immediately attack them instead. But at any other time, you will be a target.  

They claim a turf near the Docks, and are based in an abandoned building there. The area is volatile because many of the businesses in this area covertly support Solos and some corporations. The gang realizes this, and excludes those businesses from their protection racket.

In the past, most of their crimes have been small time, but their hunger for expensive new cyberware and drugs is pushing them to attack larger those that serve the Solos and Corporations. So the area is primed to erupt into a bloodbath.[1]

Colors Edit

Black leather and chrome chains, studs etc.[1]

Tag Edit

A fist clenched around handle of an old-style hammer, in a whirlwind.[1]

Average Stats Edit

5 8 4 6 4 6 6 9 3
SKILLS: Handgun 6, Rifle 6, SMG 3, Brawling 5, Melee Weapon 5, Weapon-smith 5, Endurance 5, Strength feat 4, Streetwise 5, Heavy Weapons 4, Cybertech 2.[1]

Cyberware Edit

The average member has at least 4 cyberenhancements of one sort or another. The external ones are frequently chromed.

Cyberpunk 2077 Edit

Maelstrom DumDum

Dum Dum, a Maelstrom member from Cyberpunk 2077.

The Maelstrom Gang is located in the All Food plant in Night City. With 30 to 40 active members, they are led by Royce after he deposed and imprisoned the last boss, Brick.[2] They are known to have heavy combat augmentation, as well as for using pain suppressors, Reflex Boosters, and street mod optical units of unknown capabilities.

Maelstrom’s territory is the industrial part of Watson. Its factories, the Totentanz Club – you’ll meet them there. They are obsessed with cybertechnology, and their urge to improve the weakness of human flesh is far stronger than their fear of cyberpsychosis.[3]

Notable members Edit

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