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One time... a Maelstrom Ganger killed a young kid right in front of my eyes, for shits 'n' giggles.

Barry Lewis, Cyberpunk 2077

Maelstrom is one of the gangs found in Night City.



Maelstrom formed from what was left of the Metal Warriors, a gang that was almost completely wiped out by the Inquisitors. It has also acquired members from the Iron Sights, who also have grudges against the Inquisitors. While the Inquisitors are a special target for their violence, Maelstrom will also (of course) attack anyone else as well.

Maelstrom members dress in black leather, darkened denim and chrome, preferring visible high-profile cyberware, generally appearing to be primitive and dangerous. A full third of them are clinical Cyberpsychos, and the remainder are borderline. Back when they were the Metal Warriors they held on to a code of honor. When their original leader Hammer was thrown out, the code of honour went as well, and the rest of their humanity. If you're being chased by the Inquisitors, they'd probably ignore you to attack them instead, and vice versa. At any other time, you would be targeted indiscriminately.

Claiming a turf near the Docks, they're based in an abandoned building there. The area is volatile because many of the businesses in this area covertly support Solos and some corporations. The gang realizes this, and excludes those businesses from their protection racket.

In the past, most of their crimes have been small time, but their hunger for newer, more lethal and more expensive cyberware, pushing more dangerous drugs, inclined them to attack larger targets, such as those that serve the Solos and Corporations. So the area is primed to erupt into a bloodbath.[1]


The Fourth Corporate War had a devastating effect on Maelstrom. In 2023, they lost their entire territory to the Arasaka Tower nuke, as well as some of its members succumbing to EMP-induced murderous frenzies. The few survivors fought to absorb other surviving high-chrome gangs and they eventually ended up more powerful than they had been before. Warlock, the gang's current leader, has forged Maelstrom's best and most ruthless members into a productive core that runs its businesses while he uses its rank and file to wreck competitors.

Maelstrom began leading other gangs in salvaging valuable gear from the Hot Zone. Maelstrom survivors also stabilised the Burleson Tower Hotel which housed the remains of Club Totentanz. Today the gang holds court in a ballroom there. Burned-out chrome from the Fallen covers one entire wall, including the mummified corpse of their former leader, Hammer, killed after the Nuke.[2]


In 2077, the Maelstrom Gang is located in the All Foods Plant in Night City. With 1,300 members[3], they are led by Royce after he deposed and imprisoned the last boss, Brick.[4] They are known to have heavy combat augmentation, pain editors, Reflex Boosters, and signature red street mod optical units of unknown capabilities.

Maelstrom's territory is the industrial part of Watson. Its factories, the Totentanz Club - you'll meet them there. Deeply obsessed with cybertechnology, their urge to improve the weakness of their own human flesh is far stronger than their fear of cyberpsychosis.[5]

Database Entry (2077)[]



A gang that controls the districts of Watson and the Northside Industrial District (NID). You can easily recognize them by their intimidating faceplates and hostile optic implants, which not only indicates their gang affiliation but also their fetishization of cyberware and cybermodification. Looking at Maelstrom, you might think, "Now those are some hella bold pioneers of transhumanism." If they were only testing the limits of the human body on themselves, then you'd be right... Sadly, they also like to conduct "experiments" on those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Maelstrom is known for their exceptionally brutal and public gang executions – combine that with illegal braindance production and a manic fighting style and you've got yourself a gang with a reputation as a band of lunatics on the verge of cyberpsychosis. The truth is there's nothing crazy about how Maelstrom operates – at the end of the day it's all about biz. And the more rumors there are about them, the better.[6]


Philosophy & Structure[]

And who the fuck're you to say what can and can't be?


They are fascinated with cyberware, the Net, the occult, and the pursuit of any otherworldly sensation.

They partition their organization into smaller groups, each responsible for a different part of their criminal empire. Depending on the task, these groups can be as large thirty members and partake in raids, hit jobs, or protecting valuable cargo- or as many as four or five if patrolling their own turf.[3]

The gang appear to have an affinity for nicknames.

Criminal Activity & Sources of Income[]

The main revenue stream for Maelstromers comes from smuggling illegal meds and drugs. They also perform hit jobs, which they execute in a bizarre and brutal fashion. Many victims are found dismembered, skinned alive, or found in wet concrete. They also perform well planned and executed heists on guarded corporate transports.

Another prominent source of income is the Totentanz club, the most popular gangster club and "drink&riot" venue in Night City. Totentanz is located in an abandoned hotel where other gangers go to party and listen to neo-death metal music as long as they obey the Maelstrom's authority and customs. If a night at TTC has a body count less than dozen it is considered crappy and boring.

Rumors say that the gang is involved in the production of black market braindance records- especially bizarre, disturbing, and extremely violent ones. Other records they are rumored to produce are called "Numbness", an emotional void that places users in a strange state of mind, which are quite popular among overstimulated BD users. Despite these rumors, the NCPD has found no evidence to prove the Maelstrom are involved in the BD black market.[3]

Notable Members[]

Main article: Maelstrom Members

Equipment (2077)[]



Behind the Scenes[]

The factories and warehouses of northside Night City are home to Maelstrom, a highly feared gang with a reputation for extreme violence. Its members worship the mysteries of cyberspace. This fascination inspires them to dehumanize themselves with drastic cybermodifications. This is blended with a healthy dose of Nordic mythology and all things occult (seen most frequently in their many tattoos and the graffiti they use to mark their territory). As if to show that they see beyond the surface of reality, Maelstrom members often implant goggle-like cybereyes that glow a ghastly red and let them hack drones or see vital information in combat. Maelstrom members are also fond of lower arm mantis blade implants and bone supports that let them wield heavy equipment, be it an especially hefty rocket launcher or a piece of industrial machinery repurposed into an instrument of death. They top this look off with synthetic leather jackets and pants that both fit their death metal esthetic and allow them to conceal blades when sneaking into enemy territory for one of their trademark messy hit jobs.


  • Maelstrom are the only gang in Cyberpunk 2077 to have the Extreme threat level. Because of this, Maelstrom can be considered to be the most violent gang of all gangs in Night City, even more so than the Animals, a gang known for its brutality and violence.
  • The information about Maelstrom provide by Dexter DeShawn during The Ride indicates that the gang only has around 30-40 active members, far fewer than their true size.
  • It's possible Maelstrom have ties to an underground conspiracy with a shadowy corporation, as they can be witnessed exchanging cryptic dialogue and a message on the tip of Garry the Prophet.[7]



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