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The Mach is an AV introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

The AV series is popular. It's reliable. It's useful. It's everywhere. And every vehicle in the series looks like it was designed by a truck-builder. An AV looks about as fast as a gum eraser, and has the same sex appeal. You can get point A to point B in one, and that's about all. Until now. From Lambo-Fiat comes the fastest thing in the skies short of a jet fighter. It looks fast, it sounds fast, it is fast! The Mach is the answer to the professional air enthusiasts looking for a red challenge in aero flying. And it's the sexiest vehicle in the air or on the ground. Available in black with red interior or red with black interior.[1]
Maneuver Speed: 200 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 1 mpg
Fuel Capacity: 300 gallons agas
Special Equipment: Autopilot and computer navigation systems can fly the car to any destination, as long as the destination is programmed into the computer and satellite navigation systems can be accessed. The auto-pilot makes all manuevers[sic] at skill Pilot (Vector Thrust) 5. The Mach comes equipped with top quality compact audio and video entertainment systems.
Game Notes: The Mach is a very unforgiving aircraft. Unless the pilot has a Pilot (Vector Thrust) skill of 5+, the Mach's maneuverability drops from +2 to all rolls to -5 to all rolls.[1]


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