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This is a Plague, not a blessing. and these children are dangerous and tragic victims of it. We must now make the hard decisions of how to deal with them.


Mabel Kheinn is a media corporate administrator in Night City.


Unlike many of the current crop of ISA flunkies, Mabel Kheinn isn't in this for power; she believes in what she is doing. And what she is doing is attempting to contain the single greatest threat humanity has ever seen: the CyberEvolved. She has seen the statistics. She knows that the Evolved are growing, and if not stopped now, threaten to displace normal humans within four generations. Reacting to the most basic racial survival instinct, Mabel and millions like her have decided that humanity must not fall to the cold logic of an evolutionary imperative, even though the price may be the nation's own children.

This hard attitude has come from a hard life. Mabel was born October 7th. 1989, in Louisville, Kentucky, which made her about seven when the Collapse hit. While hes unemployed father found succor in Smash, her mother scrambled to support the family with a series of odd jobs and desperate tactics. Mabel escaped to the Army when she was an under-age sixteen. She was just in time to be shipped to Ecuador and the jungle hell of the "Second Central American Conflict." Any remaining innocence was burned away by images of naplam devouring grass huts and the screams of mutilated friends. When she returned in 2008, she immediately requested reassignment out of the field and into Army Intelligence. There, she participated in researching the ill-fated attempt by Military Intelligence to take over the Crystal Palace in 2009. Narrowly avoiding the purge of M.1. which resulted from that debacle, she laid low for ten years, just marking time.

She finally came into her own during the Second American Revolution in 2021. As the Eurocorps sent in their troops to retrieve their "wayward" U.S. holdings, her group helped coordinate the U.S. military's response, which consisted largely of occupying those facilities first and claiming them as U.S. property. During the campaign, her fiance was killed on an operation she was directing. After a dark and mournful time, she resolved to avoid further "emotional entanglements" and commit herself to her job.

She continued to excel at her duties. When she finally left the service in 2022, she was quickly recruited by the embryonic CorpSec. Field work revolved around "deactivating" rogue edgerunners and other malcontents that insist- ed on placing their personal interests above the needs of the growing industries which were rebuilding the nation. This was child's play compared to Ecuador. Whether it was scouting a site for a BuReloc operation or preventing Eurocorp spys from infiltrating a Neo-American corporation, she threw herself into her work. As well as building a strong reputation among the field ops as an excellent and perceptive investigator, she was willing to follow orders - intelligently as compared to blindly - which made her popular with her supervisors.

By the time the ISA was declared in 2024, she was well established in the CorpSec Undercover Operations Division. It was she and a few other agents that brought the Undercover Division's activities to President Whindham's attention. Once it became apparent how effective a force they were, he soon co-opted the entire division as his own Domestic Security Agency. While still nominally part of CorpSec, in reality the new agency now operated as a separate part of the Executive Branch.

Just as her career seemed about to bloom, life dealt her another joker. When she coldly rebuffed the advances of a senator she had been assigned to protect, he got physical: big mistake for both of them. When she was done with him, a Trauma Team had to collect what was left. While she once again avoided dismissal, her career with the Agency appeared to be so much kibble.

But her vocal sentiments about the cyberevolved had garnered the attention of Margaret Tuere, the new head of the CDC, who shared Mabel's paranoia about the plague survivors. With Tuere's sponsorship, Mabel has slowly man- aged to work her way back into her superiors' good graces. Her assignment as the head of the Night City branch of the DSA is her chance to re-establish the Agency's confidence in her abilities: Night City is still relatively new territory for the ISA (as NorCal was a free state until recently) and handling the "pacification" of the area is both an opportunity and a test. She does not intend to blow it.

She has already managed to establish herself with her field ops; they know her rep and respect her. She has carefully cultivated her attitude towards the Raptors under her command and now views them as tools to be handled care- fully, then disposed of quickly when the job is done. Her relationship with BuReloc is good, as they know that they can count on her support with their own operations. The local police, on the other hand, resent her ability to step in and take over almost any investigation at her whim and to conduct city-wide operations without civil sanction.

She will pursue her duties here with the same single-mindedness that has marked the majority of her career. This means that the cyberkids of Night City can expect to find themselves facing any number of undercover operations designed to smoke them out. And she is very good at her job.

Mabel has kept on a rigorous physical training program and, even though in her late thirties, she appears a decade younger due to judicious nanotech applications. Her demeanor is what you'd expect from a person of her back- ground: direct and efficient with little or no emotional expression. That's not to say that she doesn't have emotions; she just viciously represses them in order to do her job. Unlike many who hunt the cyberevolved, she takes no pleasure in killing these children, but sees it simply as her necessary duty. Her unrelenting attitude and uncornpromising policies have made her equally harsh with her personal life, limiting it to cordial relationships with her fellow DSA agents and employees. There is a person in that attractive but rigid frame, but she has honed herself into the semblance of a machine.


Cyberaudio (with radio link, scrambler), Neural Processor, Chipwear socket, Reflex Booster (tZ),Cyberoptic x 2, Smartgun Link, Biometer, Medium Armor, Einstien GeniusGun.


Combat Sense +9, Notice +8, Athletics +6, Dodge +7, Driving +5, Library Search +9, Human Perception +8, Rifle +5, Handgun +7, SMG +6, Martial Arts +6, Interrogation +8, Stealth +6.