They walk like us, talk like us. MAX-TAC are just criminals with a badge

— Anonymous Punk, Protect & Serve

Psycho Squads are a specialized sub-group found in most major police forces, established to deal with rampaging Cyberpsychos suffering from advanced cyberpsychosis.

Cyberpsychosis is a big problem in the 2000's. While state-sponsored therapy is an option, the hardest part is getting the patient into the psychologist's office. What do you do when a metal armored, cyberboosted maniac starts randomly killing people? If you're the Government, you organize a special squad of professional police with one job: To hunt down and capture or kill murderous cyberpsychos.

Cybersquads are common to most urban police departments, going under names like C-SWAT (Cybernetic Special Weapons & Tactical Squad), PSYCHE-DIV, CYBEnforcement and MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division). They are armed with the best in armor, commo-equipment and vehicles. Most carry weapons that start at the light cannon range and up. They are, by nature, not very nice people.

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