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Thompson reaches down to his feet; draws up a long black nylon bag. "FN FAL assault", he says, standing up. "I Was in the war. I like lead. Lots of lead"

Cyberpunk 2013, Never Fade Away

Lyle Thompson[1] is a character from the Never Fade Away mini adventure featured in the Cyberpunk 2013 and Cyberpunk 2020 core rule books.


Thompson, a season media and leading reporter for World News Service, had previously served covering various conflicts across the globe. His work covering Arasaka is suspected to have lead to the death of his wife, to which now he will stop at nothing, putting anyone, including himself, on the line to get revenge.

During the Never Fade Away mini adventure, he observes the kidnapping of Alt Cunningham in the alleyways behind the Hammer club after a Johnny Silverhand concert kicks-out. During the encounter Johnny is seriously wounded by the punks that kidnapped Alt, and Thompson steps in and uses his Trauma Team card to save Johnny from the brink of death. Afterwards at the hospital, Thompson reveals Alt's role in developing Soulkiller to Johnny, as well as Arasaka's involvement in her subsequent kidnapping. The pair head for the Atlantis bar to hire Rogue and Santiago for the rescue mission. The group are ambushed and make a hasty getaway before moving on to plan the mission.

Later Thompson works his street connections to find any information on the whereabouts of Alt. When the operation gets underway, Thompson, armed with his FN-FAL and video-rig, and Rogue infiltrate the Arasaka facility disguised Iron Sights gang members - known Arasaka collaborators. When the group makes it to the office of Toshiro Arasaka and discover the fate of Alt, Thompson starts to live broadcast the scene in hopes of bringing down the corporation. A Defeated Johnny tells Thompson to cut the feed, before shooting Toshiro dead.

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In Cyberpunk 2077, Johnny mentions that he did not work with Thompson after their attempt to rescue Alt, despite the fact that Thompson was present at the Night City Holocaust.



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