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Detective Brandt is the model of an overworked law enforcement officer. In the eleven years working as a policeman, he has seen just about everything possible in his field. Presently he is attached to the Homicide Division at Southside. Because of his successful arrest record, Brandt tends to get the worst cases: serial killers, cyberpsychosis cases, and streetgang murders are often dropped into his lap.

On his off hours, Detective Brandt spends much of his time collecting videos of television police shows and old detective movies. He is known for using catch phrases and affectations of these old cop shows in his work, but his superiors overlook this eccentricity as it seems to help him do his job.[1]


INT 9, TECH 6, REF 9, COOL 9, ATTR 6, LUCK 7, MA 8, BODY 7, EMP 7.[1]


Authority 7, Intimidate 4, Notice 4, Spec. Knowledge (Police Forensics) 7, Pistol 6, Rifle 5, Melee Weapons 2, Drive 3, Persuasion 3, Interview 7, Interrogation 3, Streetwise 4, Shadow 4, Ditch 2, Disguise 4, Wardrobe and Style 2.[1]


Cyberoptics with micro/telescopics, low light enhancement, targeting. Interface Plugs. Chipware: simple language (Spanish), complex language (Chinese).[1]


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