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Los Angeles, also referred to as the Metroplex, is a city located in the NUSA state of Southern California.


Sometime after the appearance of what would become known as Nomad Families in 1993, constant gang harassment of the early Aldecaldos family in the South Central district led Juan Aldecaldos, the family leader, to plead for federal government assistance. Upon being ignored, Juan insulted the President's maternal heritage on national television.[1]

In 1998, a 10.5 earthquake destroyed the city, with the Pacific Ocean inundating 35% of the city. Approximately 65,000 were killed in the disaster.[2]

The Los Angeles Quake resulted in the military becoming crippled in the city, with a massive lack of manpower and support of the federal government to resolve any of the matters brought on by the earthquake. To resolve this, the government hired the Jodes, an Oklahoman Nomad family, to negotiate a manpower contract and repair the damages caused by the quake, despite protest from the Aldecaldos, who would later begin harassing and later warring with the family. The repairs were completed by 2001, when the Jodes left the Los Angeles area, having completed their contract.[1]

In 2019, Network News 54 showed that Los Angeles and Detroit's murder rates were nearly the same, with Detroit later becoming known as the most dangerous city in the United States after the comparisons were shown.[1]

By 2020, the city had become known for its incredibly hazardous weather, consisting of acidic and poisonous air, being a daily part of a resident's life. These weather conditions were dealt with by the use of specialized clothing, gas masks and vended clean air, as well as clean air booths.[1]

By 2045, the hazardous weather continued to plague the city, making water the most sought-after resource in the region.[3]


The Los Angeles Metroplex covers the entire coast from Santa Barbara to San Diego, stretching as far east as San Bernardino. With the rise in average temperature during the early-mid 21st century, the eastern part of the state was considered all but uninhabitable, with many having migrated into the cities, leaving Death Valley, the Devil's Playground, and other such areas as empty wasteland, patrolled only by the occasional Nomad group.

Notable people[]


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