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Liverpool Shipping Inc. is a corporation based in the UK, and has many assets to its name.[citation needed]


Liverpool Shipping Inc is a Shipping Firm that specializes in bulk transport of industrial materials. It is a pioneer of semi automated container vessels, which made it a rising star of the 21st century industry, with confidential contracts with International Electric Company and Petrocham International ensuring that the company has high profit margins.

However, recently, shipping irregularities have tarnished their reputation, alongside their decision to enter the field of hazardous materials, which has frightened the more conservation players on the worldwide stock exchange.

Due to these factors, it has driven their stock prices to their lowest point in 10 years, and thus is considered ripe for acquisition by the Browning Group.

Shipping Fleet[]

Liverpool Shipping owns 10 Cetaen Class semi-automated container ships built by the Komasu Dockyards in Korea. These vessels are worth 7,000,000 ep a piece. Depending on the nature of the contract, the location of the ships varies, with ports of calls include London, Cape Purity(AFE), Gdansk, Kiev, New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Tokyo, Seoul, Sinapore, and Rio De Janiro.

The Liverpool Shipping fleet includes a specialized ship, the Baroness, designed for high speed transport of hazardous cargoes. Consturction costs for Baroness amounted to 15,000,000 eb.

Air Fleet[]

Liverpool Shipping owns three Bell-Mitsubishi; Stratosphere Lift Aircraft based in London. These vehicles are worth 12,000,000 Eb a piece.

Warehousing and Dock Facilities[]

Liverpool permanent dock and warehouse facilities at London, Oslo, Rio de Janerio, and Cape Purity. These installations are worth approximately 1,000,000 Eb a piece.

Pension Fund: 50,000,000 eb

Liverpool Commitments and Ventures[]

  • Petrocham International:
  • International Electrics
  • R.Mass, Inc
  • Engesa Inc: This Brazilian manufacturer of cheap weapons uses Liverpool Shipping to distribute it's products. Previous Year Expense, 3,000,000 eb; Previous Year Returns, 8,000,000eb; Previous Year profit, 5,000,000 eb.
  • Akari Heavy Industries: Akari, a Japanese conglomerate with interest in steel, polymer production and construction of industrial machinery, uses Liverpool for short-notice transportation. Many Liverpool Shipping executives vigorously opposed this contract, believing that the Tokyo operation involved far too much expense and diverted resources from Liverpool's older operations. The debate ended in Akari's favor when the Japanese concern purchased 13% of Liverpool Shipping's stock. Previous Year Expense: 10,000,000 Eb; Previous Year Returns 8,000,000 Eb; Previous Year Loss, 2,000,000 Eb.

Key Individuals[]