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Little Italy (also known as Section A1) is a rundown, low rent district of Night City. During the early 2000s it was the headquarters of the Night City Mob.


Little Italy is a small sector of the city, located in the north western part of the downtown area. It borders the corporate districts to the south and the northwest districts to the east. It is an older part of the city, with deep Italian roots and mob connections. In the early to mid 2000s the mob ruled the city from Little Italy until the coming of the Mob wars, when the megacorps took control and effectively wiped out the mob. By the year 2020 the mob had returned to Little Italy, working in the shadows of the megacorps and keeping a much lower profile.

Little Italy is home to many small local businesses such as Julius Electronics, Cybertemps and the Continental Detective Agency. Precinct #2 of the NCPD is also located in Little Italy and is very well protected, it also houses the Marksman shooting range, an open to the public range secretly owned by Arasaka.[1]


Notable Organizations[]

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