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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2077. For other uses, see Little China (disambiguation).

Little China is a subdistrict of Watson in Cyberpunk 2077.


Parts of Little China used to be an extension of Downtown, during the Rebuilding in the 2040s there were plans to make it a second City Center. The corporations built some skyscrapers and top quality medical clinics known as the Med Center. It used to be the best place in Night City to spend money on body augmentations legally. In the late 2040s the sub-district flooded with Asian immigrants, mostly from Chinese diaspora, hence the name change. During the next few decades, Little China became overpopulated and its exclusive tone to the current more ethnic feel.

In 2077 Central Little China resembles the poorer areas elsewhere in Night City; however the food, shops, neon lights, lingo, and flavor are all distinctly Chinese. The castes are all mixed up now with living blocks beside affluent condo buildings, and illegal gambling dens next to the offices of legitimate business. Low and mid tier come here on occasion for cheap fun in the casinos and strip clubs, and to mix with the poor and homeless on the streets. No gang claims territory of Little China, but the Tyger Claws often come here to have fun.[1]

Database Entry[]

Little China


In the 40s, this part of Watson aspired to be the next City Center. Corps invested heavily in the area, putting up towers and cutting-edge clinics such as the Med Center. That's where you slapped down your credchip for implants - that is, if you wanted to get them legally. But soon enough this neighborhood became populated with immigrants, mostly from China, hence the name. Over the next few decades, the district became increasingly more populated and diverged from its original plans. Today Little China is considered a poor district, but its food, smells, neon lights, tucked-away little shops and overall atmosphere draws the crowds. Even low-ranking corpos drop in to gamble and put eurodollar bills into thongs. The sight of suits strolling past the homeless also shouldn't take anyone here by surprise.[2]


CP2077 Watson Little China Map

Map of Little China.

Non-interactable businesses[]

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Afterlife
  • Bradbury & Buran
  • California & Cartwright
  • Clarendon St
  • Drake Ave
  • Goldsmith St
  • Megabuilding H10: Atrium
  • Metro: Ellison St
  • Metro: Farrier St
  • Metro: Med Center
  • Metro: Zocalo
  • Riot

Behind the Scenes[]

Little China is a vibrant town-within-a-town grafted onto the remains of Watson's abandoned business center. When big money bailed, immigrants poured into and remodeled the now-affordable structures. The result is a bustling, chaotic space, a skeleton of early-century corporate architecture spliced with elements of mid-century Kitsch. Little China, to the south especially, remains vertical, but its office buildings have been repurposed for housing and small-scale industry, with new additions plopped on top or extended over them. Its residents live out their entire lives in the district, or even in one building: one might sleep on the balcony, repair cyberlimbs in the former supply closet and get grub from a noodle chef working out of the kitchen of a single former corporate office. There is plenty of entertainment on offer in Little China. It is crammed with restaurants and gambling dens that cater to tighter budgets than Downtown or Japantown. When night falls, suits share its streets with fixers, mercenaries and gang members, united in their search for cheap thrills. Yet it is primarily a district run by and for locals, a place whose vibrant-yet-grimy Kitsch style emerged organically, not for the benefit of tourists.



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