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This is a listing of prime universe Soviet World Oil Industries employees. For individual character information see their respective pages.[1]

Cyberpunk 2020[]

Employee Role Description
Arkady Cherminino Corp The current chairman in SovOil's board of directors. In 2020, he is serving his second 5-year term as chairman, and is likely to continue representing the company. He is considered an adept diplomat and businessman, having lead SovOil through emergency situations in the past.
Boris Svinarin Corp The current deputy chairman in SovOil's board of directors. A large, balding man from Georgia with a subdued personality and great linguistic skill. He was appointed the position after Yarno Kurgasyn inherited the position of chairman following Anatoly Novikovo's death.
Yarno Kurgasyn Corp Chairman of SovOil's board of directors from 2009 to 2012.
Yevgeny Novikovo Corp The son of SovOil's founder, Anatoly Novikovo. In contrast with his deliberate and thoughtful father, Yevgeny has a fiery temper and frequently argues with Arkady Cherminino.
Neonila Novikovo Corp The daughter of SovOil's founder, and elder sister to Yevgeny. A former gymnast, she is currently the head of SovOil Investments, a subsidiary that manages world-wide investments. Her relationship with Yevgeny is rather tumultuous, especially since she is a firm supporter of Arkady, but they maintain a strong bond through a mutual desire to uphold their family name and fortune.
General Lupold Korepino Solo The commander of SovOil's security forces. Being the commander of this force makes him one of the most powerful military leaders on earth.
Valentin Domanevka Solo The director of SovOil's secret police. Domanevka was once a Deputy Director of the KGB. He and Lupold Korepino are suspicious of each other. Unlike some key players in SovOil, Valentin notably has no cyberware and staunchly refuses to ever acquire any.
Peter Van Rijen Techie The leader of SovOil's Industrial Industrial Troubleshooting division. He leads SovOil crews in responding to oil-related disasters like oil well fires and explosions. Originally an oil well firefighter for the Royal Dutch Shell Oil company, Peter went freelance and over time established a name for himself as a top oil-business troubleshooter.
Dmitri Yablonov Corp A SovOil Director of the American Division in Night City.
Borislav Blue Corp An employee of SovOil American Division, located in Night City. He translates documents and conversations for the higher-ups.


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