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Assume Japan knows everything, it's safer that way...

— Concerned Arasaka Employee, Cyberpunk 2077

This is a listing of prime universe Arasaka Corporation employees. For individual character information see their respective pages.

Cyberpunk 2013[]

Employee Role Description
Kenji Arasaka CEO main shareholder with 19.2% of stocks of the Arasaka corporation. He only appears in Cyberpunk 2013, in name alone and has since been retired as a character since Kei Arasaka is the new CEO in Cyberpunk 2020.
Toshiro Corp Appears in the Night City Arasaka Tower as a major corporate. He kidnapped Alt Cunningham to retrieve her work on the Soulkiller.
Akira Solo A large security guard that appears in the lobby of the Arasaka building in Night City for a brief encounter.

Cyberpunk 2020[]

Employee Role Description
Adam Smasher Solo and Head of Security The loyal Arasaka affiliate, and long time veteran of the Fourth Corporate War, had disappeared but returned in recent years. Smasher was in charge of taking care of Arasaka's dirty work as well as being Yorinobu's bodyguard. After Saburo's murder and Yorinobu's ascension as CEO, Smasher was promoted to Head of Security for Arasaka.
Sasai Arasaka Founder The founder and original CEO of the Arasaka Corporation. Born sometime in the mid 1800's he was a shrewd businessman, creating a successful manufacturing company that survived the post World War 2 economic instability of Japan.
Saburo Arasaka CEO (1960 - 1999) The son of Sasai Arasaka, born in 1919 he had risen in the ranks of the Imperial Japanese Navy during WW2 where he held the rank of Lieutenant. After he was medically discharged he set about becoming his father's successor, and as such he has taken Arasaka from a small manufacturing company in japan, to a worldwide Megacorporation.
Kei Arasaka

CEO (1999 - 2023)

Saburo's son and heir apparent to the Arasaka Corporation. He is cold and calculating and shares his father's ideals. As of 2020 he is the acting CEO of the company but relays everything through his father, who runs the corporation from behind the scenes.
Kiichi Nagawa Corp The director of the Arasaka Corporations Internal Affairs Division. Also loyal friend of Kei and the overall Arasaka family.
Seiji Okano Corp Epitome of the Arasaka Corp with his own agenda. His ultimate goal is to become the world's most powerful man, and surpass Saburo Arasaka, in doing so he has Haruko Kanawa as chief of security to his division.
Hanako Arasaka Netrunner Saburo's 21 year old daughter. She has lead a sheltered life in the confines of the Arasaka family compound, and suspects she will be married off by her father to ensure a corporate alliance.
Yorinobu Arasaka Rockerboy Saburo's youngest son, an outcast appalled by his father's company. He left home and formed the Steel Dragons gang in order to expose the Arasaka Corporation.
Shintaro Takayama Solo Arasaka's director of security and a very dangerous individual. A very loyal friend of Saburo and also a close confidant of Hanako.
Katsuo Iwashima Solo A weapons expert and second in command of the Arasaka family compound. He secretly covets Shintaro's job and is also in love with Hanako, though he keeps that a secret.
Yoru Tomobiki Corp The supervisor of the Arasaka Corporation's Security contracts in Night City.
Bryon Harrelson Solo Field sergeant who participated in the Fourth Corporate War.
Ubo Tanaka Solo General of Arasaka Hokkaido training camp and strategic expert of the Arasaka military of Japan.
Asao Koremoh Corp Head of the Arasaka, Osaka regional office.
Iwasao Koremichi Corp The appointed Arasaka representative for the Osaka regional office.
Haruko Kanawa Solo Chief Enforcer and Leader of a covert operations team.
Toshiro Hikaru Ex-Solo Security Service Manager for several Arasaka divisions in Europe. Oversaw Arasaka's security contract with CINO in the beginning of the Fourth Corporate War.
Hiraki Edono Corp An assassinated Arasaka employee in Washington, that caused a heavy battle during the Fourth Corporate War.
Hyung Mitsumoto Solo A half Korean and half Japanese man who worked for Arasaka as the Captain of the Eel, a cargo submarine carrying something called the "Project Five."
Obu Satomei Solo The Commander in charge of the Arasaka Benkei Island Training Facility, a good teacher, if quick-tempered; those who pay close attention to what little he says can learn a lot.
Sho Solo One of Koremichi's bodyguard/solos. A lithe young man, somewhere in his twenties. Wears black leather and has a fiery temper.
Metane Tekara Solo Instructor at the Arasaka Benkai Islnad Training Facility.
Kissimi Morokasi Solo General Instructor at the Arasaka Benkai Islnad Training Facility.
Kagekaze Solo General Instructor at the Arasaka Benkai Islnad Training Facility.
Frederick Reiss Divemaster A member of Arasaka's CINO Observation Team during the Fourth Corporate War.
Casey Barrons Fixer/Divemaster A member of Arasaka's CINO Observation Team during the Fourth Corporate War.
Garret Ward Subjock A member of Arasaka's CINO Observation Team during the Fourth Corporate War.
Angel Ardale-Forbes Techie A member of Arasaka's CINO Observation Team during the Fourth Corporate War.
Quincy Griffiths Solo/Divemaster A member of Arasaka's CINO Observation Team during the Fourth Corporate War.
Oburo Tatsunaga Corp An executive agent who held a meeting with Militech execs during the Fourth Corporate War.
Seki Nara Corp Advertising Division Head.

Cyberpunk RED[]

Employee Role Description
Hanako Arasaka[1] CEO Hanako is the face of the Arasaka Corporation and head of the Kiji faction.
Michiko Arasaka[1] Head Kei's daughter, and head of the Hato Faction of the Arasaka Corporation. She's a US citizen and allies with the US government.
Saburo Arasaka[1] CEO
Yorinobu Arasaka[1] Head
Kenichi Zaburo[1] Bodyguard The personal bodyguard of Michiko.
Kodai Khan Agent Quit after the Fourth Corporate War.
Aisha "Ai" Tang Agent Quit after the Fourth Corporate War.
Lotus LeMarch Elite Technologist Quit after the Fourth Corporate War.
Darius Infiltrator Agent Netrunner tasked with infiltrating Danger Gal.
Nymph Solo Hired Mercenary tasked with infiltrating Danger Gal.

Cyberpunk 2077[]

Employee Role Description
Aaron Mallory Corp Concerned employee working in Arasaka Tower.
Alex Sebold Corp Concerned employee working in Arasaka Tower.
Anders Hellman Corp Anders was a leading bioengineer in the Arasaka American Branch. He was the director of the Relic project, which is advertised, but not yet released. Anders later fled the corporation.
Arthur Jenkins Corp Arthur is higher up in the Arasaka counterintelligence operative, as well as V's boss. Arthur has always had a rivalry with his boss, Director Susan Abernathy, because she stole his promotion.
Barreto Board member Member of the board of directors.
Ben Cotey Corp Employee currently working in Night City.
Carter Smith Counterintel Carter works under V and Arthur Jenkins in the counterintel operatives.
Charles Watanabe Corp A supervisor working to secure Arasaka Tower.
Frank Nostra Corp An Arasaka counterintel operative, underling of Susan Abernathy, and co-worker of V. Frank is eventually fired by Abernathy in a department-wide purge.
Goro Takemura Bodyguard Saburo Arasaka's loyal bodyguard.
Hajime Bodyguard An Arasaka bodyguard from Kyoto, working aboard the Arasaka Orbital Station.
Hajime Taki Defense Rep Hajime Taki is an Arasaka employee who was visiting Konpeki Plaza in 2077.
Hanako Arasaka Spokeswoman Hanako in 2077 has no official position aside from being their unofficial spokeswoman but was given the greater task by Saburo to keep the Arasaka family together.
Harry Counterintel Harry works under V and Arthur Jenkins in the counterintel operatives.
Howard Russo Corp Concerned employee working in Arasaka Tower.
Franklin S. Temple Corp Standard employee.
Joey Livani Corp An employee in the Arasaka mergers and acquisitions department. When he was fired during V's career at Arasaka, he soiled himself and had to be dragged out of Arasaka Tower by guards. V long considered him to be most pathetic person to have ever worked for Arasaka.
Kaoru Fujioka Corp A corporate Agent of Arasaka whom V meets in the StreetKid Lifepath starting quest.
Kitarō Abe Corp An employee suffering from a split personality due to the stress of the job and lack of proper medication.
Midori Higuchi Corp Standard employee.
Michiko Arasaka Board member Michiko served as a member of the board of directors.
Patricia Vogel Corp Standard employee.
Robert Bloom Corp Employee apart of the Arasaka Industrial Park management team.
Roger S. Templeton Corp An employee conducting a search of the fugitive Goro Takemura.
Saburo Arasaka CEO Saburo Arasaka, known as the Emperor and beloved by millions, had returned as CEO after the death of his previous son Kei Arasaka. He was working on a personal prototype of the Relic before Yorinobu stole it from his lab and fled to Night City. Saburo was murdered by his son during a confrontation in Konpeki Plaza.
Sachiko Kusama Doctor An Arasaka specialist working aboard the Arasaka Orbital Station.
Sandayu Oda Bodyguard The loyal devoted Arasaka Bodyguard to Hanako Arasaka, a true cyberninja and martial arts master.
Susan Abernathy Corp Susan is the Director of Special Operations for Arasaka in Night City. Susan is said to have gotten the position over Arthur Jenkins by sucking up to the Japanese.
Shigeru Koizumi Corp Employee at the Arasaka Industrial Park.
Tatsuko Hoshino Corp Concerned employee working in Arasaka Tower.
V Corp (Corporate Lifepath Only) - V is a counterintelligence operative for the corporation working under Arthur Jenkins.
Yorinobu Arasaka CEO Has a penthouse in Night City. Became CEO after murdering his father, Saburo.
Yui Tawada Corp Employee currently working in Night City.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners[]

Employee Role Description
Faraday Corp and Fixer A ruthless fixer with ties to Militech that defects to Arasaka.
Katsuo Tanaka Corp Student of Arasaka Academy.
Maxim Kuznetsov Solo Chauffeur and bodyguard for Mr. Tanaka.
Principal Corp The principal of Arasaka Academy.
Tanaka Corp Father of Katsuo Tanaka.


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