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Ling Po Imports is a location featured in the pen and paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020.


Since 1997, Ling Po Imports, Ltd. has been an importer for a wide range of luxury, exotic and collectible items from all parts of the Orient. Expensive china, porcelain, and all manner of Oriental art objects are also sold. Prices on many of the items in their gallerys are prohibitively high, but Ling Po guarantees authenticity and provides an accurate history or provenance with all works of art they sell. The four-story building housing this importer dates back to the late 1940's and is one of the oldest still standing in Night City. Renovated several times by the owner, Daniel Ling Po, this thriving venture is a model for the community at large.

Security Level: 2[1]

Ling Po Imports is situated in Night City's Little China sector of downtown.


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