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The Light Rail Lev Train is a type of vehicle in Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk 2020[]

Superconductor magnets have made it possible to build extremely cheap and durable "Levitation trains". Riding on magnetic cushions, these "levs" have become one of the major transportation resources in the 2000's. financed by corporations or city governments, they are present in most major cities.

Levs are usually underground within city limits, running on high pillars out in the suburbs. Usually one line, headed out to the corporate suburbs, is sealed off and requires entry code or pass to get into that station. Corporate lev stations are always clean, well lit, and well guarded by corporate security. City lev-stations are usually not up to these standards, although most cities run police patrols on the line to control crime and vandalism.

Lev-tickets are charged at a rate of 50c per station passed; a trip passing through three stations, for example would cost 1.50eb. Tickets may be purchased from automatic ticket machines, using credit cards or cash. These machines are located in the stations themselves and in local convenience store outlets.[3][1][4][2]

Cyberpunk RED (2045)[]

Some time in the 2040s the Light Rail Lev Train must have been upgraded as Top Speeds increased to 300 MPH, and structural integrity of train cars increased to 100 Structural Damage Points each when compared to the originals 80 SDP.[2]

Cyberpunk 2077[]

During one of the main jobs called Transmission you follow Brigitte into the Voodoo Boys den which is located inside of an abandoned Lev-train station, where they appear to have their computer attached to a Planetran Lev-Locomotive.[5]

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