Lifepath is the player defined backstory to your characters. The Lifepath is featured in all forms of the pen & paper RPG Cyberpunk, as well as in the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk RPG[edit | edit source]

A Lifepath is a system used in character generation within the role-playing games. It is a method for figuring out a character's background and personal history. It works like a set of flowcharts, each numbered for randomly-generated results. This serves as a list of "plot complications" that helps round out a character so players are not left playing a nameless generic archetype, who is nothing more than a collection of stats and equipment with as much character and personal history as a fresh blank disc — an issue faced with most fantasy-themed RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons.

This system was inspired by the classic space opera RPG Traveller, which first introduced the concept back in 1977. Thankfully, the Cyberpunk Lifepath is way more forgiving, in that a Cyberpunk character is not going to get killed or maimed in the middle of character creation.

The topics deals with dress & personal style, ethnic origins, family background, personal motivations, major life events, and finding/losing friends, enemies and lovers.

Cyberpunk 2077[edit | edit source]

The Cyberpunk 2077 video game offers three defining lifepath options to choose the backstory for the player character V. The Lifepath alters the beginning of the game, offering three varied opening chapters as well as offering additional benefits, quests and dialogue options throughout the game.

  • Nomad - leaving behind your nomad family, V heads to Night City in search of work.
  • Corporate - Comfortable as a well paid corporate agent, V takes on critical missions for Arasaka.
  • Streetkid - Having returned from out of town, V works favors in their old haunts.
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