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Life During Wartime is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077, which becomes available after completing Lightning Breaks.


Journal Entry

(no journal entry)


  • Scan the Area
  • Scan for Combat Drones (Optional)
  • Scan for Kang Tao Operative (Optional)
  • Scan for Combat Robots (Optional)
  • Look for Mitch
  • Disable the Turrets, Open the door,
  • Talk to Mitch
  • Scan for Tracks, Follow the tracks
  • Kill the Kang Tao Operatives in the Airstrip (Optional)
  • Go to Gas Station with Panam
  • Go inside, Find Anders Hellman
  • Confront Hellman, Knock him out
  • Call Takemura, Pick Hellman up
  • Take Anders outside, Put him on the bike
  • Talk to Hellman
  • Talk to Johnny or Take Pseudoentrodizine


  • The title of the job comes from the Talking Heads song, Life During Wartime.
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