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Life During Wartime is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077, which becomes available after completing Lightning Breaks.


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After taking out the Satwave Power Plant, Panam Palmer and V chase after the crashing Kang Tao AV deep into the Jackson Plains of the southern Badlands. While chasing the AV, communications on the radio frequency have Mitch and Scorpion approach the AV first. Panam and V are are attacked by three Kang Tao Griffin drones which have to be taken down.

If V abandons Panam and heads straight for the gas station (does NOT unlock I'll Fly Away):

V left Panam and single-handedly retrieved Hellman from a nearby gas station that he and his bodyguards sought refuge in. Panam then showed up with Aldecaldos reinforcements, saying that she managed to rescue Mitch herself and that unlike V, she does not bail. Her subsequent text messages will be very frustrated about her life outside the clan and include a remark about Mitch, who gave Scorpion an Aldecaldos-style funeral by himself.

If V assists Panam in clearing the wreckage (unlocks I'll Fly Away):

Nearing the AV's crash site, Panam instructs V to use a surveillance drone to identify any remaining Aldecaldo survivors and scan for enemies in the area, and the AV. After scanning the AV and Mitch, V can exit the drone. Panam provides overwatch while V takes out the hostile forces. As a last stand, the remaining Kang Tao operative takes Mitch captive and locks them both inside the AV. When opened by V, the operative can be intimidated (dialogue options "only looking for Hellman" and "Aldecaldos reinforcements on their way"), causing him to reveal Hellman's whereabouts. This allows Panam and V to immediately head for the abandoned gas station to the west that Hellman and his guards took refuge in.
Alternatively, V or Panam (if one waits too long) can shoot the soldier holding Mitch, the latter will tell the pair that Scorpion died during the assault, and that Kang Tao escaped using Aldecaldo vehicles. The group then has to follow the tire tracks around the wreckage to pursue find Hellman. However, this delay will result in additional Kang Tao reinforcements present at the gas station.
V and Panam will subsequently head to the abandoned gas station via motorcycle. In the end, Aldecaldos reinforcements will arrive and Panam and V part ways after a short talk.

Journal Entry[]

An AV full of corpo-rats drowned in the dust and sand - a beautiful sight. Sucks for the nomads though, especially Panam. Looks like our dame keeps losing everything she loves. Correction - almost everything. In other news, Hellman's surely shitting his pants knowing that the game's up. He's all yours. Just be careful - those Kang Tao pissheads won't be going down without a fight.


  • Chase the AV.
  • Take out the drones.
  • Reach the AV.
  • Wait for Panam to tend to her wound.
  • Check out the crash site.
  • Scan the crashed AV.
    • Scan the area for Mitch.
    • Scan the area for signs of the Aldecaldos. [Optional]
    • Scan the Kang Tao operatives. [Optional]
    • Scan the combat drones. [Optional]
  • Disconnect from the drone.
  • Check out the crash site.
    • Take out the turret.
    • Defeat the Kang Tao operatives.
  • Wait for Panam.
  • Get in the AV.
  • Talk to the pilot.
  • Talk to Mitch.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Scan the tracks.
  • Get on the Motorcycle. [Optional]
  • Follow Kang Tao.
  • Follow the Kang Tao's tracks.
    • Defeat the Kang Tao Operatives on the Airstrip. [Optional]
  • Follow the next set of Kang Tao tracks.
  • Go to Gas Station with Panam.
  • Get inside the Gas Station.
  • Find Hellman at the gas station.
  • Get to the upper floor of the gas station to find Hellman.
  • Confront Hellman.
  • Knock Hellman out.
  • Call Takemura.
  • Pick Hellman up.
  • Take Anders outside.
  • Put Hellman down.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Talk to Hellman.


  • If you have completed the Phantom Liberty expansion before doing this mission, a new dialogue option with Hellman will be available.