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Li Pham Dinh known by the locals as Mr. Wizard was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is a very dangerous man.

The 35 year-old Mr. Wizard is one of the top Techies in Hanoi. Ifs most amazing because he's mainly self-taught Several Merc squads have contracts with him to fix their cyber, weapons, vehicles and AVs. Wizard isn't the most Stylish or outgoing of people, in fact, he's rather shy. However, he does break the ice with his hobby: origami. Wizard's specialty is aircraft In five minutes, he can transform anything from a bar napkin to a Smash can into a Delta, F-33 Wasp, or even 20th century planes.[1]


INT: 8, ATTR: 7, EMP: 8/5, REF: 5, LUCK: 6, SAVE: 8, TECH: 10, MA: 6, BTM: -3, COOL: 5, BODY: 8.[1]


Special Ability: +8, Aware +6, Basic Tech +8, Cyber Tech +7, Teaching +4, Education +3, Electronics +7, Weaponsmith +9, AV Tech +4, Origami +9, Rifle +4, Handgun +6, Heavy Weapons +3, Motorcycle +5.[1]


Processor, IF Plugs, Smartgun link, Machine link, Right Cyberoptic (Micro-optics, Digital Camera, UV)[1]


Techscanner, Tool kit, Electronics Toolkit, Laptop computer.[1]


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