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Lea Murchison is a deliberate and intelligent young lady, even tempered and cool under fire. She is not given to wild swings of emotion, and she is known to consider even the most troubling of situations dispassionately. She can be aloof to the point of coldness, an attitude which has earned her the street nickname Ice Princess. Always the one to take things in stride, Lea wears the nickname like a badge of honor. Her trademark outfit is white leather. Lea is also extremely beautiful, with the same soft features, naturally dark hair and slim build as her brother. Unlike him, Lea keeps her hair short and has not altered its natural color. Many a street romeo has been attracted to Lea only to find himself nursing a black eye, busted head or broken limb after pushing the issue a little too hard. Lea has some friends, but they are a select and very small circle of people.

When Lea learned the truth about the fate of her family she resolved to take the fight to the enemy. She immediately sought training in combat and infiltration, studying under private instructors and spending a three year stint in a Lazarus Group special operations cadre. After honing her skills as a solo, Lea began to wage a private war against IEC. Some sleuthing allowed her to discover the identity of her father's assassin and the assassin's employer. She has since revealed to her brother the parts played by Colin Powers and the Kesslers in their fathers death.

Lea has sworn revenge against Powers and Erich Kessler. She also realizes that she will be awhile in fulfilling that vow as both of these men are well nigh unassailable targets. In the meantime she has obtained private funding from various other enemies of IEC, and hires her services out to individuals and corporations who wish to run operations against IE. She also does straight up solo work to keep the bills paid. At twenty-two, Lea is young for an established solo, but her competence and reputation have earned her a reputation on the street.[1]


INT 9, REF 10, TECH 5, COOL 10, ATTR 10, LUCK 4, MA 8, BODY 7, EMP 10/5, SAVE 7, BTM-2.[1]


Combat Sense 8, Streetwise 5, Seduction 6, Awareness/Notice 7, Expert IEC 6, Hide/Evade 6, German 9, Shadow/ Track 4, Wilderness Survival 5, Athletics 5, Driving 4, Handgun 7, Rifle 6, Submachinegun 6, Aikido 5, Melee 7, Pilot Vect. Thrust 4, Stealth 4, Elect. Security 6, Weaponsmith 6.[1]


Basic processor, Kerenzikov level one, smartgun link, vehicle link, data-term link, interface plugs, chipware socket, rippers (both hands), basic cyberoptic, LowLite™ ,Times Square Marquee, image enhancement, teleoptics, basic cyberaudio, amplified hearing, level damper, radio link, phone splice, wide band scanner.[1]


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