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Last Caress is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Choosing to be stealthy in the Arasaka estate or not has no further consequences on the story. With a wall-penetrating Tech Sniper Rifle like the Tsunami Nekomata, you can eliminate most of the guards in the Arasaka estate before even entering the building.

Journal Entry[]

That's all, folks! Little Johnny can go to sleep while the grown-ups fix their big ol' mess. All I know's that you cut a deal with Arasaka - you help Hanako knock Yorinobu off his pedestal in return for help with the Relic. You already know where I stand. You've got better things to dream about than a rockerboy's mad ravings. Just make sure this little dream of yours doesn't turn into a nightmare.


  • Go to the Arasaka estate
  • Deal with the guards
  • Talk to Hellman
  • Talk to Hanako
  • Head to the estate
  • Neutralize the elite guards
  • If failed to be stealthy:
    • Neutralize the rest of the guards
  • Talk to Hanako
  • Find Hanako
  • Talk to Hanako
  • Follow Hanako
  • Enter the AV
  • Fly to Arasaka tower


  • If you saved his life during Search and Destroy, Goro Takemura will accompany Hellman to pick you up at Misty's Esoterica. He will sit in the back of the car and then assist you against Yorinobu's forces at the estate.
  • The Genjiroh pistol can theoretically be obtained at any time during Act II by breaking into the estate. If the player does not loot it during this mission, it will be automatically rewarded after finishing the game with Where is My Mind?.