To get the scoop of a lifetime, all she needs to do is help a bunch of edge runners get some scientist's daughter into Night City. How hard could it be?

— Land of the Free

Land of the Free, subtitled, A cross country MEGA-adventure for Cyberpunk, is an adventurebook for Cyberpunk 2020, where players must escort a high value target from New York to Night City, all the while being chased by the dangerous corporations.

Land of the Free was originally released as an adventure box set, featuring the adventure book, a large scale map of the United states and several supplementary materials, such as business cards, vehicle schematics and newspaper clippings.

The Cover matches the Home of the Brave sourcebook.

Adventures Edit

The adventures featured in the book are just stages of the full story. Getting a scientists daughter, and her secrets, across country from New York to Night City.

  • Broadway Swing
  • Country Breakdown
  • Delta Blues
  • Texas Shuffle
  • Night City Rock

Availability Edit

The full box set is currently unavailable, and second hand copies go for a considerable sum, especially with the complete supplementary materials.

References Edit

MOSS, W. Land of the Free. 1st ed. Berkeley CA; R.Talsorian Games, 1994
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