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Disambig This article is about the 2020-2045 location. For the district in Cyberpunk 2020, see Lake Park (district). For location in Cyberpunk 2077, see Reconciliation Park.

Lake Park was the most important natural park of Night City between the city's inception until past the Time of the Red, being one of the last places of greenery left within the metropolis. The Lake Park area in the 2020 Japantown was known as Eastpark.


2000s - 2020s[]

Designed by Richard Night to be the playground of his model city, the City Council officially dedicated Lake Park to his memory. The grandstand that was built in 2014 to commemorate his death, by 2020 still bore a bronze plaque with his name on it; one of the few items of metal in the Park that hadn't yet pried off it's fixture and be sold by an ambitious punker.

Most of the only natural plant life in Night City grew in the Park, which itself was totally man-made — from the lake to the patches of trees — with specially bio-engineered foliage contributed as a gift by the Biotechnica Corporation.

By day the city owned the park; custodians keept it clean, and young mothers brought their children to play in a "natural" environment. But during the night it was a different story. When the sun went down, the "residents" emerged from the filth in which they had been hiding, and stalk the silent greenswards. The park was very dangerous at night, and there were numerous disappearance cases.[1]

The park extended all the way from the Night City University district, through the Lake Park district, and into Japantown.


By the Time of the Red, the park was still part of the University District.[2]


Notable Gangs[]



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