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Night City's most exclusive hotel. Guests include top-level managers who fly in on business, entertainment icons and the world's elite, who are served on by hundreds of the best-trained hotel service staff money can buy.

– Summary shown during The HeistCyberpunk 2077

Konpeki Plaza (stylized as 紺碧プラザ, translation: "Azure Plaza") is a hotel in the Arasaka Waterfront of Watson, Night City.


Konpeki Plaza is a global luxury hotel chain owned by the Arasaka Corporation,[1] with buildings located in Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Washington, D.C., and Night City. It advertises itself as a hotel for the world's corporate elite, and boasts that it combines "American largesse" and "Japanese minimalism." The company has close ties with Arasaka, which provides security guards.

The Night City location is frequented by corporate executives from out of town, and the lobby bar is a popular place for them to mingle with Night City honchos, including the mayor. The building has 80 floors, 420 rooms, 20 conference halls, and a top floor penthouse reserved for VIPs. Guests have 24-hour access to the bar, an art gallery, a sauna, a swimming pool, a gym, a massage parlor, a newly-opened braindance parlor, and more in the sublevels.

Those seeking to work at Konpeki Plaza must meet several stringent requirements before they will even be considered. Prospective employees must have above-average looks, fluently speak English and Japanese plus a minimum of two other languages, be physically fit, and be willing to accept 4th generation cyberware implants across their entire body.


In 2077, Yorinobu Arasaka booked the penthouse at the Night City Konpeki Plaza after stealing the Relic biochip from his father, Saburo. During his stay, the Relic becomes the target of the Voodoo Boys and then Evelyn Parker, who hires the fixer Dexter DeShawn to steal the chip so she can sell it to NetWatch. V, Jackie Welles, and T-Bug are recruited for the heist. V and Jackie pose as Militech operatives making a weapons sale to a guest to gain entry, then use the Flathead to disable security and enter the penthouse to steal the biochip. Before they can leave with the Relic in hand, they witness Yorinobu murder his father, and are forced to deal with hotel guards after Yorinobu orders the building placed under lockdown. T-Bug is burned by Arasaka netrunners, and Jackie is fatally wounded. After the incident, Konpeki Plaza is closed indefinitely.[1]

Database Entry

Konpeki Plaza

Konpeki Plaza is Night City's most exclusive hotel - an arquitectural marvel created solely for the elite. This is where global financiers stay for business trips, where nobody bats an eyelid at the sight of two rival corpos having a drink or a well-known politician going up to their room with a braindance star. Every square inch caters to luxury tastes and comes packed with the most decadent of entertainments, with just a hint of mystery to keep things exciting.[2]


Night City's Konpeki Plaza is located in an enclosed space adjacent to the main area of the Arasaka Waterfront and Del Coronado Bay. A bar-restaurant is found right next to the northwestern wall, with gardens surrounding it. Circling the building, a road goes from the street gates to the opposite side of the building, where the hotel's main doors are located; while the southeastern part has the hotel's garage gate.

Konpeki Plaza is divided in three sections, the main building which contains the parking area, the lobby, the bar, and part of the security. Then, two towers raise above - in a similar fashion to the 2020s Arasaka Towers - with a few bridges connecting both structures. The northwestern tower has the building's penthouse, which rises above the rest, and it includes an AV parking lot.

Much of Konpeki Plaza is made up of hotel rooms, but the higher floors have a variety of resting, office, conference, and private areas.

Floor -01: Parking

The interior parking lot of the hotel.

Floor 01: Lobby/Reception

The lobby of Konpeki Plaza has a distinguished luxury 'taste'. upon entering, visitors of the hotel are scanned for any potentially harmful items, and led to receptionists with Gold RealSkin to check in.

  • Bar - The bar of Konpeki Plaza is used by clients checked into the hotel and visitors.

Floors 42 to 46: Apartments

  • 42: Lapis Lazuli Suite - This is a luxury suite within Konpeki Plaza; with one double bed, a television screen, a seating area, and one bathroom.
  • 43: Tyger Eye Suite
  • 44: Amazonite Suite
  • 45: Sunstone Suite
  • 46: Mookaite Suite
  • 46: Security Room & Mainframe

Floor 98: Conference Rooms

The conference rooms' floor of Konpeki Plaza.

Floor 100: Tavernier Suite

The penthouse is the best suite within Konpeki Plaza, occupied by Yorinobu Arasaka during The Heist.

Notable people


  • Corpo V says in a conversation that Konpeki Plaza in Night City does not compare to the main hotel in Tokyo.
  • The profile given in The Gig trailer may be a developer oversight. Pre-release information and the mini-map shows that Konpeki Plaza is located in the Arasaka Waterfront area of Watson; where the majority of the prologue takes place. The profile erroneously states that is it smack-dab in the city center, possibly confusing this facility with the main Arasaka HQ located in the City Center.



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