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Kokuryu was born to a middle class shop-owning family in Osaka Japan. His parents saved for years to send him to college, hoping that their dexterous son could be a doctor or scientist. As his parents wished, he entered a top school. However, as a survivor of the yearly Exam Wars, he started having fun in the Ge-sen MArts game Black Dragon. Soon, he was kicked out of the University for truancy, and his parents disowned him. He took his remaining tuition money, became modified to match his hero, and joined a Grappler Gang.

His karate skills are self-taught from the games and from actual fights, so his skill isn't as high as you'd expect. This 19 year old wears ragged black doji (Karate Uniform) and a crest of the Black Dragons. He makes side money repairing other people's cybernetics, and "salvaging" cyber worn by the people he beats-if he can get it off them quickly enough.[1]


INT: 7, ATTR: 6, EMP: 7/3, REF: 8, LUCK: 5, SAVE: 7, TECH: 8, MA: 7, BTM: -2, COOL: 5, BODY; 6/7.[1]


Jury Rig +4, Awareness +6, Education +4 Action Games +5, Expert: Dojin Circle +3, Brawling +3, MA'. Karate +3, Pharmaceuticals +4, first Aid +4 Handgun +3, Basic Tech +5 Cybertech +5[1]


Kerenzikov +2, Boostmaster, Pain Editor, Interface Plugs, Skin Weave (SP12), Crafted Muscle +1, Left Cyberoptic (Image Enhancement, Infrared), two Cyberarms (Both have Thickened Myomar and RealSkinn).[1]


Dai Lung Streetmaster, Tech toolkit, Mastoid Commo.[1]


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