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Neon hair, illuminated tattoos and chrome. Function comes second. Looks are what matter.

CP2077 Kitsch Poster

"Style over Substance"

Kitsch is the oldest of the four major styles in Cyberpunk 2077.


As society began to recover after the stock market crash, people looked for a way to brighten up the grey world they'd become accustomed to. Kitsch was a popular counter-cultural movement against the austerity of the old harsh days, an expression of happiness and recovery in a period of relative excess typified by bold colors, bright plastic, and accessibility.

Behind the scenes[]


Kitsch, the first of our four styles, is the lingua franca of the street. Every Night City neighborhood is awash with it, especially when focused on recreation and entertainment. Its "style over substance" mantra blares out from the objects of everyday life. Colorful and eye-catching, they must grab their potential buyers' attention in the store and distinguish them from the crowd on the street. Function comes second; looks are what matter.

Historically, Kitsch's spread coincided with the cultural revolution brought about by braindance technology. Worn down by the harshness of reality, people began to fulfill their unattainable dreams through braindance sessions. Fame, wealth, thrills, even the simple satisfaction of a happy day—anything could be achieved in a properly-tuned session. This unmooring from reality gave birth to a garish, gaudy style, marked by tacky colors and a flaunting of implants that had ceased to be mere prosthetics or unpleasant necessities. Instead, cyberware emerged as the core of a new subculture, one obsessed with owning and displaying modified body parts. Kitsch is a scream echoing through an age of crisis, war and failing states. It is the style of anarchy, of rebellion against a social order represented by corruption and all-crushing corporations. Though briefly disposed by Entropism in the years following its rise, it soon roared back and remains omnipresent and inescapable on the street.

Kitsch cars are the middle-tier workhorses. They feature decently precise bodywork and engineering. Some include LED headlights, self-driving capabilities, built-in lidar arrays and expensive materials such as wood. Their colors tend to be garish, modern and bold, though the designs on this page, inspired by the American cars of the 1980s and 90s, stick to a simpler, more retro palette.[1]



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