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The Cyberoptic Interferometry System is a piece of optical cyberware manufactured by Kiroshi in Cyberpunk 2020.


Kiroshi brings the principle of phase interferometry to cybernetics. Long used in radar monitoring to improve resolution, this technique compares the signals received by two or more receivers (such as cyberoptics), and uses the information to provide vastly increased resolution. Kiroshi's Interferometry gives you all the benefits of 10x magnification, both microscopic and telescopic, at all times, with none of the disadvantages, such as a reduced field of view. It is difficult to imagine the improvement: you will just see more clearly than you ever believed possible.


  • The interferometry package takes on option in each cyberoptic: it must be installed in both, or it doesn't function at all. In addition, a separate processor must be installed, to correlate the inputs. Surgery: M (if cyberoptic already installed), HC: 1[1]


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