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Oh sumimasen, I'm testing some new cyberoptics. It's always fun to see the world through new eyes, neh? Why am I testing products? Well, a small company like us has little choice, doesn't it?

— Wakamoto Noriko, Business Manager for Kiroshi

Matsushima-Kiroshi Optics is a Japanese corporation that originated in the mountain Capital City of Nagano Prefecture, appropriately named Nagano. The corporation is often just referred to as Kiroshi Optics or just Kiroshi. It's a small Japanese corporate group that specialises in cyberware, consisting of Kiroshi General Cybernetics and Kiroshi Optics, known collectively as the Kiroshi Group. Its major shareholder is Matsushima Ikki. It is widely regarded as the leading expert in producing optical cyberware.

Overview Edit

Some of you may be reading this through the eyes of Kiroshi. Kiroshi is the general name of a small corporate group called, appropriately enough, "The Kiroshi Group." It is a cybernetics company and is number one in the world in the making of optics. It is actually two companies: Kiroshi General Cybernetics and Kiroshi Optics, of which Optics gets the lion's share of the business.

In 2013 the group changed its name from "Kiro-shiya" to "Kiroshi." It was originally a watch manufacturer in Kamisuwa, which expanded in the 1980s. It got its biggest boost by launching an orbital factory with the aid of JAB and Kenjiri Technology. Soon, Kiroshi practically monopolized the optics business due to the quality of its orbital eyes and other products, such as the Optishield, the optical HUD (heads-up display), the optical remote cyber-cam, and the anti-dazzle protection "Opti-Flash."

Kiroshi has very close ties with Kenjiri, and they have a joint design firm in orbit, to be closer to the manufacturing process. Now, Kiroshi is aiming to dominate the Asian market. Hong Kong and Shanghai, where cheap Kiroshi imitations are made, are the company's prime targets.[1]

Regional Offices Edit

Aside from the Headquarters in Nagano, Kiroshi has other major offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Seattle, Night City, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore.[1] Kiroshi products can be found just about anywhere in the world, from smaller shops to large electronic chains.

Kiroshi Products Line-Up 2077 Edit

Optics Edit

Kiroshi Products Line-Up 2020 Edit

Optics Edit

Cyberoptics Options Edit

Equipment Edit

Interface Plugs Edit

These options can only be built into the Kiroshi OptiShield. They cannot be fitted into a cybereye. The Essence Cost is subtracted from the .3 points of Essence that the OptiShields can accommodate. Once .3 points are filled, no more options can be installed.

  • TimesSquare
  • TimesSquare Plus
  • Magnification (1)
  • Magnification (2)
  • Magnification (3)
  • Low-light
  • Infrared*
  • Time/Day Display

Trivia Edit

  • Kiroshi is one letter off Karōshi which is spelled "過労死." Which can be translated literally as "overwork death". There is no confirmation that this is what they meant to do.

References Edit

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