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Kirk Sawyer is a Fixer in Cyberpunk 2077. He only appears if during the Streetkid lifepath.


Kirk arrived at Night City one day, and soon was able to get a home in Pacifica. Not long afterwards, he began to work as a fixer, often visting the El Coyote Cojo bar in The Glen. Kirk claimed the drug cartels were in his favor, keeping many under his thumb with this threat looming over them. Around this time he worked with V and other Mercs, earning him reputation in the process.


Pepe Najarro—the bartender of El Coyote—fell into his debt after borrowing eddies from him. Kirk threatened him to pay up, or he would bust his legs the following day. That same afternoon, Pepe mentioned it to V and asked for their help. Being friends, V decided to help him.

Kirk, who could be found at his usual spot on the second floor of El Coyote Cojo alongside his bodyguard Big Joe, saw V approaching him. They asked Kirk to clear Pepe's debt, which he initially refused. After some negotiating, Kirk promised to do it, but only if V helped him steal a highly valued Rayfield Aerondight from a high-ranking Arasaka employee. Kirk provided V with a device to unlock the car, stating he had already planned for everything. In the end, V accepted the job.

Upon arrival, V saw that the service key worked. However, Jackie Welles appeared with the same objective, threatening V to walk away. Unbeknownst to both, Kirk's device deemed faulty, having alerted the NCPD, whom had arrived on the scene and arrested both of them. After being let go, Jackie talked to V about Pepe and Kirk, revealing that Kirk had no association with any cartel, meaning his threats had always been empty.[1]


After Jackie's ofrenda, Kirk reached out to V about a new gig and wanted to meet at the El Coyote Cojo. When V met with Kirk, he told V about having heard about experimental Militech cyberware straight from a lab in Shanghai is up for grabs, and hired them to steal it.

After V met up with Kirk Sawyer and Big Joe near the location. Kirk instructed V to retrieve the Militech cyberware from the back of the delivery van.

When V came back to the meeting point, Kirk and Big Joe had already been killed by Valentino thugs.

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