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Kiichi Nagawa was the Arasaka Corporation's feared director of Internal Security in Cyberpunk 2020. Nagawa is known for being brutal, and through in his duties. He reportsed directly to Kei Arasaka, childhood friend as well as the CEO and President of the corporation who is also son to Saburo Arasaka. Nagawa was chosen specifically for his and his families complete loyalty to the Arasaka family over the years. He never abused his power, which was second only to the Arasaka household. Nagawa became cybered to the max, and is very skilled. He became possibly the worst person at Arasaka to cross, other than Kei.[1]


Early Life[]

Kiichi Nagawa was born in Chiba, Japan however he moved to Tokyo upon entering High School. The Nagawa family have always had a strong bond with the Arasaka family, since Sasai Arasaka was the CEO of the Arasaka Corporation. His grandfather Akio Nagawa was a trading partner with Sasai, and ever since the two families have gotten along. Kiichi became very close with Kei Arasaka due in part they were closet in age.

After graduating from University Kiichi work with various other companies leading to years of business experience. In 2016, he became the director of the Arasaka Corporations Internal Affairs Division. Arasaka (IAD) is mainly responsible for making sure that no one involved with the corporation abused their power to where it would affect the corporation or the leaders of it. IAD is also part of the Security Group, and is arguably the most feared division of the corporation.

Nagawa became cybered to the max, and is very skilled. He became possibly the worst person at Arasaka to cross, other than Kei. In 2019 Kiichi got married to Sakiko Nagawa and they currently live in Tokyo close by the Arasaka Headquarters.


During the Clone Debacle with Biotechnica. Helen Lane, a media reporter, informed the Arasaka Corporation of Seiji Okano's betrayal. Kiichi made it on the scene to meet with her. After viewing the evidence, he ordered Arasaka agents to investigate Okano's offices. With the media reporter they struck a deal. Lane gave Arasaka the tracer information and promised to leave them out of the big story. In return, the Arasaka troops did their best to save the them as well as Adriana from Biotechnica and Okano. Kiichi later confronted Okano and dealt with his betrayal accordingly.[1]

RPG Info[]


INT 10, REF 10/12, TECH 8, COOL 10, ATTR 5, LUCK 5, MA 10, BODY 10/4, EMP 10/?, SAVE 10/?, BTM -4.[1]


Combat Sense 10, Awareness/Notice 8, Handgun 7, Akido 6, Melee 7, Weapons Tech 7, Rifle 4, Athletics 7, Submachine Gun 3, Stealth 8, Driving 5, Pilot AV 5, Interrogation 7, Intimidate 6, Resist Torture/Drugs 6, Strength Feat 4, Hide/Evade 5, Shadow/Track 6, Heavy Weapons 6, Electronic Security 7, Pick Lock 6.


Type Products
Cyberware Basic processor, chipware socket, interface plugs, smartgun link, data term link, vehicle link, Kerenzikov level 2, skinweave, muscle and bone lace toxin binders, nanosurgeons, basic cyberoptic, Times Marquee, targeting scope, Low Lite, image enhancement, basic cyberaudio, amplified hearing, radio link, phone splice, bug detector, sound editor, wide band scanner, rippers.[1]
Armaments None



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