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Khan Pa was the child of a Burmese woman and her Chinese husband in Sichuan Provence 75 years ago. His father was the KMT Warlord of the area, but was driven to the Burma border during the Cultural revolution. There the family joined the other Golden Triangle groups, and the young Khan Pa worked his way up The ladder.

He is an impressive man, even at 75. He stands at 6'2 with a long white ponytail down his back. He started off as a guard and fighter, and still is in good shape. (His reduced stab are due to age, and he's bought reflex boosts to keep himself quick) He is quick to lash out, and surveys all with the same unreadable gaze. Occasionally, he will break out in a laugh. Half the time its real amusement and half the time, someone will die. His followers hate to hear him laugh.

Now, he is sending troops across the China and Laos borders to help drive back the he hates most, the Maoists. Wile he won't risk his business. he will send as many guns and troops as he can. This also keeps him in the good graces of the Chinese and Myanmar governments.[1]


INT: 8, ATTR: 4, EMP: 7/3, REF: 9/6/8, LUCK: 8, SAVE: 8, TECH: 9, MA: 5, BTM: -3, COOL: 10, BODY: 10/8.[1]


Special Ability: Streetdeal +10, Awareness +8, Persuasion +5, Intimidation +9, Brawling +7, Melee +8, Handgun +8, Rifle +8, Chemistry +7, Resist Torture/Drugs +8, Pharmaceuticals +8, Language: Thai +7, Language: Burmese +8, Strength Feat +4, Interrogation +7, Martial Arts: Thai Kick Boxing +6.[1]


Processor, Kerenzikov +2, Interface Plugs; Weapon Link, Nanosurgeons.[1]


Usually has only a 12 mm pistol. His guards, however, carry full special forces kits.[1]


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