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Kepler is a nomad who during the Time of the Red was part of a group of six edgerunners. She is one of the main characters of the Black Dog story from Cyberpunk RED.


Kepler comes from a Florida nomad pack that was always scrambling to make ends meet. She was born missing the lower half of her right arm but due to her family's lack of money she wasn't able to get fitted with cyber until she ran off on her own to earn the eddies herself. Since then she's made a living moving things and people that needed to get from point A to B on the sly. These days she usually teams up with her husband, the netrunner Pneumo.[1][2]

Black Dog[]

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Type Products
Cyberware Cybereyes, Neural Link w/ Interface Plugs, Cyberarm (gold) w/ Rippers[2]


Kepler was created by Mike Pondsmith with the help of Ashley Sherman, one of "The Cyber6" - as Pondsmith likes to think. Five of the Cyber6 have real world prosthetic limbs and it's something the writers of Cyberpunk RED thought a lot about. This inspired the creation of the group of six edgerunners.[1]

Ashley Sherman was born in Chuluota FL, just outside of Orlando. Like Kepler, she was born missing the lower half of her right arm just below the elbow. Growing up, she lived on a farm riding and training horses, dancing, and scuba diving. Her first prosthetic arm was a gold i-Limb Quantum bionic arm by Össur. Today she lives in London pursuing her career in modeling and acting with her husband, James Young, and their child.[1]


  • She owns a kombi - her home and the last thing Kepler ever got from her family in Florida.[3]
  • A photo of Kepler and the rest of the six edgerunners can be seen behind the bar counter of the Afterlife in Cyberpunk 2077 (see below).
  • Kepler and Pneumo appear in the high score ranking of the Roach Race minigame in Cyberpunk 2077.



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