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Good old Cajun Kenneth Welch known as Ace Plasma by the local community of netrunners and scum. Rogue hunter and charmer with the ladies, Ace is as crafty as can be tough as all heck.


INT 12, REF 12, TECH 8, ATTR 7, LUCK 10, MA 4, BODY 4, COOL 8, EMP 7 RUN 20, LEAP 1, LIFT 20.[1]


Rogue Hunter Skill Package[]

Interface +9, Awareness +9, Basic Tech +7, Education +7, System Knowledge +7, Cybertech +6, Programming +6, Cyberdeck Systems +6, Expert: World Net Systems +5, Expert: Computer Systems +5. (69)

Communications Subpack[]

Expert: Communications +4, Language: Japanese +4, Language: French +3, Human Perception +3, Expert: Artificial Intelligence +3[1]


Positronic Enhancer: Adds +2 to any INT based skills, biological/cybernetic brain enhancer. Speeds flow and continues growth of human dendrites in the brain. Can cause electrical overload which leads to epileptic seizures. This will occur on a 1 on 1D10 whenever the enhanced INT is being used. Roll once per round.[1]


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