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Kenichi Zaburo is a Solo and the personal bodyguard of Michiko Arasaka.[1]



Kenichi Zaburo born in Osaka, became an highly trained and skilled Solo who worked for Arasaka. At some point he was relocated to Night City, as Kei Arasaka assigned Kenichi to be the personal bodyguard to his daughter Michiko Arasaka when she was four years old.[1] Kenichi also became Morgan Blackhand's arch nemesis.[2]


After the Fourth Corporate War blew over, and Arasaka was kicked out of the NUSA, Kenichi could no longer sport any Arasaka branding. However, he remained loyal to Michiko and stayed on as her personal bodyguard, but struggled to stay within Night City. He also became less visible to the public than he had been in her teenage years.[1]


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