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The monoblade series is just a part of our technology. We cannot make a profit by this tech alone, however, because of the high overhead involved in manufacture. We are under the umbrella of our corporate group. Eh? Zaibatsus? Weren't they disbanded by an American general...MacDonald, or something?

– Nakahara Akira, Research Assistant at Kendachi Labs, Pacific Rim Sourcebook

Kenshiri-Adachi Armaments, more commonly known by its abbreviated name, Kendachi or Kendachi Arms, is a arms manufacturer specializing in advanced technology in melee weapons headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. While not a Megacorporation or Zaibatsu, the corporation is part of a keiretsu system.


Kenshiri-Adachi Armaments, known by all as Kendachi, is a Japanese corporation that mainly specializes in high-quality melee weapons and purpose-built chipware. Kendachi's advanced tech can be found in nearly every city worldwide, as well as their excellent line-up of melee weapons consisting of various katanas and tantos, as well as its signature monoblade (monomolecular blade) series. Kendachi is one of the few companies with orbital factories, being the world's top producer in the making of orbital crystal and glass-fiber, a process that continued until 2045.[1] Originally, however, Kendachi lacked the resources and money to even get such advanced tech.

Big corporations in Japan often invest funds in small companies with original tech to place them in the exclusive keiretsu system. This is what allowed Kendachi to become what it is today. The Monoblade series, a synonym for Kendachi in some countries, was developed by Kendachi Tessho to demonstrate the uses for his crystal technology to gain funding for a low-profit company.[2]

As a side-note, monoblades were not sold as weapons in Japan. They were only used in industrial equipment. The president, Kendachi-san himself, was also known for his business acumen, but also for his skill at kendo, and his short temper. He sometimes deals with troublemakers himself, with the aid of a crack solo troop. And yes, they are licensed to carry monokatanas in Japan.[3]

The company can trace its origin to the sixteenth-century Kenshiri family's blacksmith, based in Chuo-ku, the original center of historic Edo (Tokyo). As a corporation, Kendachi became widely known in the first two decades of the twenty-first century after their fusion with the Adachi company, conquering the market with a wide range of high-tech monoweapons and flamethrowers. Chuo-ku is still their main headquarters, but today the corporation also has many regional offices in Osaka, Seattle, London, Night City, New York City, and Brasilia.[4]

Database Entry (2077)


The roots of the Kendachi corporation (or rather, Kenshiri-Adachi Armaments) harken back to the 16th century, when the Japanese Kenshiri family established themselves as a blacksmithing clan. The corporation took on its form in the 21st century after merging with the Adachi company. These days, Kendachi is known for its reliable monoweapons made in factories in low Earth orbit. In fact, such products have become synonymous with the brand; utterly terrifying in a skilled solo's hands, these must-have blades are responsible for the Japanese corporation's success. Current CEO Tessho Yokai is known for his keen business sense, deep knowledge of kendo and short fuse. Occasionally, he's been known to deal with his enemies himself - using his own corporation's indispensable monoweapons, of course. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better endorsement.

Notable Employees

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Kendachi Products 2020

Type Products
Katana Kendachi Mono-Two[5], Kendachi Monosword Cane[6], Kendachi Monoknife®[7], Kendachi MonoKatana®[7], Kendachi M-33 Powersword[5]
Flame Weapons F-253 heavy flamethrower[7], Dragon handheld flamethrower, Kendachi Dragon[5]
Equipment Kendachi Monowhip[8], Kendachi Monowire[8]

Kendachi Products 2027

Type Products
Katana Kendachi MonoKatana®[9], Kendachi Monoknife®[10]

Kendachi Products 2045

Type Products
Katana Kendachi Mono-Three

Kendachi Products 2077

Kendachi - New Spring Catalog is a readable shard in Cyberpunk 2077 that contains a catalogue of some of Kendachi weapons. The weapons, "Kendachi M-55 Powersword" and "Kendachi Mono-Two CLASSIC" are mentioned on the Shard and in the lore and additionally on the readable shard KENDACHI MICRO-76 INFO LOG it mentions some brief info about a weapon called the "Kendachi Micro-76". The weapons mentioned above are not currently available in game.

Type Products
Katana Kendachi M-55 Powersword (mentioned)
Kendachi Mono-Two CLASSIC (mentioned)
Cyberware Kendachi Monowire[1]
unknown Kendachi Micro-76 (mentioned)



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