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Kashuu Hanten contains a single computer, located in the back room. It has two messages and one file.




From: Message Sender CP2077 Woodman

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Rookie Johnson

Hey, Let's talk about yesterday - the casino. I admit, I lucked out bigtime. But why make such a scene out of it? I won the scratch, fair and square. Having your goons toss me out the window was a little unnecessary, don't you think? Wasn't very nice, either. And I don't like it when people aren't nice to me. I might just have to be not nice to them in return - or their loved ones. On that note, I found out you have a son from a previous marriage. I even have his still. Address, too. You're a smart guy, you know where this is going. So allow me to make you a proposition. Transfer me what I won - the exact amount - or say goodbye to your boy. Sound fair? Woodman

Shop - new locks[]


From: Message Sender CP2077 Linh

To: Message Recipient CP2077 <All>

Due to items being repeatedly stolen, we've had to change locks in the shop. Keys will only be available on collateral. Maybe that'll fucking teach you something.


SEETHRU_X3: Owner's Manual[]


At first glance, the SEETHRU_X3 looks like any other deck of cards. Those with optic implants, combined with our latest SEER_X3 software, can see the other side of a card. Therefore, a casino-employed player can control the course of the game without arousing any of the other players' suspicions. Casinos that have purchased the SEETHRU_X3 have reported on average increase in profits of 34%. No matter how you look at it - it's worth the investment. To read the operating instructions, run the SEER_X3 software and enter license code 8765434921. Good luck!