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Kang Tao is a Taiwanese weapons manufacturer in Cyberpunk 2020.[1] and 2077.

Overview Edit

Taiwan became a manufacturing haven in the late 2000s, after the country declared independence with the help of Japan and Arasaka. Kang Tao became an industry giant among the Taiwan companies. However unlike the rest it kept its independence by not selling out to the Japanese business. Kang Tao manufactured weapons that were distributed through Asia and made it's way to the US.[1]

Kang-Tao is a young Taiwanese company specializing in smart-gun technology and security services. It's making its way to the top of the weapon industry at a tremendous pace thanks to bold choices, courageous strategy, and government backing.[2]

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 Trivia Edit

  • The Kang-Tao company slogan 智能电子解决方案 translates to "Intelligent electronic solutions" in mandarin.

References Edit

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