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When a patriarch of one of Japan's two remaining true ninja clans committed seppuku to atone for the failure of a favorite child, he was not permitted to die completely; Kei Arasaka ordered his brain preserved and installed in a full-conversion body. During his therapy and readjustment period, the man-turned-machine embraced the totality of zen in an attempt to retain control over his sanity.

It worked. Kagekaze is one of the saner full-borgs in Arasaka's employ. His is not prone to irrationality, disobedience, or the "god complex" that usually takes hold of most 'borgs. Instead, he considers the ninja he once was to be dead and cremated; this new life is a shadow-life, existing as a spirit in a mechanical netsuke to continue to serve his daimyo (aka Saburo Arasaka).

Working with Kagekaze is like working under a monastic martial arts master; he will note perceived mistakes and offer corrections, and a co-worker may even be favored (?) with an offer of instruction, liberally peppered with Zen wisdom.

Kagekaze looks like any other Eclipse 'borg, but he some times wears a faceplate customized to resemble a grinning Japanese Oni mask.[1]


Combat Sense/Nindo +9, Aikido +7, PanzerFaust +5, Athletics +7, Awareness/notice +9, Basic Tech +3, Cybertech +3, Driving +4, Education +6, Electronics +2, Electronic Security +6, Heavy Weapons +4, Hide/Evade +8, Interrogation +5, Intimidate +4, Japanese (Native), English +6, German +4, Melee +6, Motorcycle +4, Pick Lock +7, Rifle +3, Shadow/Track +8, Stealth +10, Submachine Gun +5, Teaching +7.[1]


Eclipse full conversion body with a Dummy Facemask and Dodgeball optics.[1]


Kagekaze does not carry any equipment that he can't conceal within his legs (each has a 2x2"x6 compartment). If pressed, he will carry an external gun.[1]


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