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The Kabuki Roundabout (also known as the Kabuki Market) is a market area in northern Kabuki, Watson.


The main section is located at the proper roundabout, with a central building and a lower street circling it. Bridges extend the market outwards the central area - going over the roundabout road - and a lower pass connects the circling street to another smaller section in the southwest.

Database Entry

Kabuki Roundabout

Despite its name, it's not just a place where cars go in circles, but a Chinese-inspired architectural gem that pays tribute to Kabuki's uniqueness. This is where old friends pick up where they left off over a bowl of ramen and kids gawk at the newest braindances ads. This is where the second shift meets the third on its way to the NID, while black market trade goes on long into the early hours. Almost every corner of Kabuki Roundabout is occupied by street stalls with high-end brands sold at low, low prices.[1]


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