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Kabuki is an Asian-populated subdistrict of Watson.


Kabuki was once the pride of the Japanese medical corporations in this part of Night City. It was adjacent to the famous Med Center, and as a result the whole area flourished and prospered. Nowadays, with all the other corpos either dissolved by Arasaka or transferred to the other bank of the gulf, Kabuki is possibly the poorest sub-district of the city outside of Pacifica.

The area was quickly repopulated with Chinese diaspora before turning into the shadiest bazaar imaginable. During the daytime Kabuki has narrow, tangled alleyways full of chop suey joints, seedy cosmetic boutiques, and cheap junk shops, all decorated with Chinese lampions and flickering neon lights. During the night, Kabuki is the heart of Night City's black market for all manner of illegal transactions. Implants, organs, combat drugs, prototype cyber augmentations, steroids, synth-viruses, snuff braindance recordings-it's all there to buy if you know the right places and people. There are allegedly several black clinics operating in hidden basements or backrooms that install illicit military and prototype cyberware, right from the labs of Chiba City or top-notch Scandinavian bio-clinics or so the ripperdocs all claim. Some of the merchants in the hood are supplied by Scavengers.

The whole area is densely populated, except for the northern edge where warehouses and abandoned factories are occupied by various gangs, transients, and junkies. Tyger Claws maintain a presence in the area, as do some Maelstrom members from Northside, but neither of them claim territory of Kabuki. The Mox now hold control of the sub-district. Lizzie's Bar, one of Kabuki's most popular braindance clubs and brothels, is under their jurisdiction.[1]

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Once upon a time Kabuki touted an impressive cluster of corporate medical office buildings. Located right next to the famous Med Center, Kabuki prided itself for a reputation on being a tidy, elegant district - that is, until Arasaka swallowed up every last competitor. Ever since then, Kabuki - not counting Pacifica - is known as the poorest district of Night City. But Kabuki is far from empty - an influx of Chinese immigrants have turned Kabuki's winding streets into a lively bazaar where one can find almost anything for a fraction of the market rate. At night, the Chinese lanterns and flickering neons light up the stalls of Night City's biggest black market for implants, organs, drugs, stolen prototypes, steroids, viruses and malware, XBDs - you name it, Kabuki will have it. The district is heavily crowded, save for its northern stretches where abandoned warehouses and disused factories have become occupied by gangers and outcasts of all stripes and colors. Kabuki is largely controlled by the Tyger Claws - occasionally you might also spot Maelstrom. Some local gangs thrive such as the Mox, who run the most popular braindance club in the city - Lizzie's Bar.[2]


CP2077 Watson Kabuki Map

Map of Kabuki.

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Allen St South
  • Bellevue Overwalk
  • Charter St
  • Creek Loop
  • Kabuki Market
  • Kabuki: Central
  • Kennedy North
  • Pinewood St South
  • Sutter St

Notable People[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Kabuki's name is an artifact from an earlier era, when the area was controlled by Japanese medical corporations. Now, no one controls Kabuki. It is a shanty town, a sprawling bazaar where you can acquire literally anything—legal or, more often, not—for the right price. It is a tangle of tiny alleyways, a warren of seedy shops, small stalls and food carts, a world on a different scale than most of the city. Unlike the urban canyons of other districts, Kabuki's provisional, low-rise architecture reveals open skies and lets enough sun peek through to power solar generators. With trash cans rolling across its dusty streets like tumbleweeds, here Far East meets Wild West in a unique blend possible only in Night City.



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